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Plains zebras in Katavi National Park,
western Tanzania during the wet season when tabanid biting flies are troublesome.

Contributed by: Tim Caro, Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology,
University of California at Davis, California, USA. full/ncomms4535.html

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β-Catenin activation regulates tissue growth non–cell autonomously in the hair stem cell niche. Deschene, ER. et al.  (2014). Science 343: 1353-1356.

Forgetting is regulated via musashi-mediated translational control of the arp2/3 complex. Hadziselimovic, N. et al. (2014). Cell 153: 1153-1166.

Co-targeting of convergent nucleotide biosynthetic pathways for leukemia eradication. Nathanson, DA. et al. (2014). J Exp Med 211: 473-486.


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