Transparent Hydrogel Robot - TLSApril2017
Optically and sonically transparent hydrogel robot can generate fast
and forceful actuation to catch and release a live goldfish in water.

Image by: Hyunwoo Yuk, Soft Active Materials Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

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Molecular hydrogen becomes an atomic metal between 465 and 495 gigapascals at low temperature. Dias RP and Silvera IF (2017). Science 355: 715-718. 

Water remains frozen at boiling point in carbon nanotubes. Agrawal KV et al. (2017). Nature Nanotechnology 12: 267-273.

Interspecies organogenesis generates autologous functional islets. Yamaguchi T et al. (2017). Nature 542: 191-196. 

Reading and writing single-atom magnets. Natterer FD et al. (2017). Nature 543: 226-228.

A Neutral pH Aqueous Organic–Organometallic Redox Flow Battery with Extremely High Capacity Retention. Beh HS. et al. (2017). ACS Energy Letters 2:639–644.





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