First Minimal Bacteria -

The first minimal bacteria

Image contributed by: J. Criag Venter Institute, USA; Tom Deerinck and Mark Ellisman

of the National Center for Imaging and Microscopy Research at the Univ. of California, San Diego, USA.

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Papers of the month - May 2016:

Carbon dioxide utilization via carbonate-promoted C–H carboxylation. Banerjee A. et al. (2016). Nature 531:215-219.

Light-driven oxidation of polysaccharides by photosynthetic pigments and a metalloenzyme. Cannella D et al. (2016).  Nature Communications 7: Article number 11134

A single-atom heat engine. Rossnagel J. et al. (2016). Science 352:325-329.

Seawater usable for production and consumption of hydrogen peroxide as a solar fuel. Mase K. et al. (2016). Nature Communications 7: Article number: 11470.





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