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Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

47 Miniaturized spectrometers with a tunable van der Waals junction.

46 Precise radiocarbon determination in radioactive waste by a laser-based spectroscopic technique.

45 A chemiresistive methane sensor.

44 Mechanisms of lipid preservation in archaeological clay ceramics revealed by mass spectrometry imaging.

43 Predicting human olfactory perception from chemical features of odor molecules

42 Palladium Nanoribbon Array for Fast Hydrogen Gas Sensing with Ultrahigh Sensitivity.

41 Prediction of human population responses to toxic compounds by a collaborative competition.

40 Unambiguous detection of nitrated explosive vapours by fluorescence quenching of dendrimer films.

39 Photonic sensing of organic solvents through geometric study of dynamic reflection spectrum.

38 Tracking Structural Changes in Lipid-based Multicomponent Food Materials due to Oil Migration by Microfocus Small-Angle X-ray Scattering.

37 Nanomole-scale high-throughput chemistry for the synthesis of complex molecules.

36 Direct measurements of methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania.

35 Wireless gas detection with a smartphone via rf communication.

34 A colorimetric chemosensor for Cu2+ ion detection based on an iridium(III) complex.

33 A fluorescence sensory polymer consisting of pentiptycene and tetraphenylethene units linked by acetylene was synthesized. The polymer showed the capacity of direct detecting nitroaromatic explosives with a detection limit on ppb level.!divAbstract

32 Explosives detection in a lasing plasmon nanocavity.

31 A high-throughput, multiplexed assay for superfamily-wide profiling of enzyme activity.

30 Ultra-sensitive optical oxygen sensors for characterization of nearly anoxic systems.

29 Adaptive Use of Bubble Wrap for Storing Liquid Samples and Performing Analytical Assays.

28 Supersensitive fingerprinting of explosives by chemically modified nanosensors arrays.

27 Hydrochromic conjugated polymers for human sweat pore mapping.

26 Tabletop Molecular Communication: Text Messages through Chemical Signals.

25 Hydrogen-atom-mediated electrochemistry.

24 A molecular probe has been designed that distinguishes double-stranded DNA with single base-pair specificity. In this approach, two destabilizing bubbles, in which the base pairs are mismatched, are generated for each point mutation in the target DNA.

23 Highly sensitive and selective fluoride detection in water through fluorophore release from a metal-organic framework.

22 What holds paper together: Nanometre scale exploration of bonding between paper fibres.

21 Rapid prototyping of carbon-based chemiresistive gas sensors on paper.

20 Ultrarapid Generation of Femtoliter Microfluidic Droplets for Single-Molecule-Counting Immunoassays.

19 Isolation and in Vitro Culture of Rare Cancer Stem Cells from Patient-Derived Xenografts of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma.

18 A Microfluidic SPLITT Device for Fractionating Low-Molecular Weight Samples.

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