1614  Regional synapse gain and loss accompany memory formation in larval zebrafish.

1613  Nanoengineered on-demand drug delivery system improves efficacy of pharmacotherapy for epilepsy.

1612  Developmental defects in Huntington’s disease show that axonal growth and microtubule reorganization require NUMA1.

1611  An active vesicle priming machinery suppresses axon regeneration upon adult CNS injury.

1610  Distinct populations of highly potent TAU seed conformers in rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s disease.

1609  A neuronal mechanism for motivational control of behavior.

1608  High-throughput mapping of a whole rhesus monkey brain at micrometer resolution.

1607  Cholesterol-functionalized DNA/RNA heteroduplexes cross the blood–brain barrier and knock down genes in the rodent CNS.

1606  Competitive dynamics underlie cognitive improvements during sleep.

1605  The hypothalamic link between arousal and sleep homeostasis in mice.

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