1504  Cognitive control increases honesty in cheaters but cheating in those who are honest.

1503  A group of neurons in the basal forebrain mediates increased sleep pressure during wakefulness in mice.

1502  Antisense oligonucleotides increase Scn1a expression and reduce seizures and SUDEP incidence in a mouse model of Dravet syndrome.

1501  A second X chromosome contributes to resilience in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.

1500  A multidimensional precision medicine approach identifies an autism subtype characterized by dyslipidemia.

1499  Importin α3 regulates chronic pain pathways in peripheral sensory neurons.

1498  Neural progenitors behave abnormally during fetal brain development in humans and mice carrying the Huntington’s disease mutation.

1497  Lipid‐Bilayer‐Supported 3D Printing of Human Cerebral Cortex Cells Reveals Developmental Interactions.

1496  Human fetal microglia acquire homeostatic immune-sensing properties early in development.

1495  The Serotonin Neurotransmitter Modulates Virulence of Enteric Pathogens.

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