1345  Specific factors in blood from young but not old mice directly promote synapse formation and NMDA-receptor recruitment.

1344  Long-duration hippocampal sharp wave ripples improve memory

1343  Music in premature infants enhances high-level cognitive brain networks.

1342  Dissociable dopamine dynamics for learning and motivation.

1341  In vivo evidence for dysregulation of mGluR5 as a biomarker of suicidal ideation.

1340  How the mole-rat lost its pain.

1339  Human Gut Microbiota from Autism Spectrum Disorder Promote Behavioral Symptoms in Mice.

1338  IKKβ slows Huntington’s disease progression in R6/1 mice.

1337  Adrenergic receptor antagonism induces neuroprotection and facilitates recovery from acute ischemic stroke.

1336  Progenitors from the central nervous system drive neurogenesis in cancer.

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