1492  The role of carbonic anhydrases in extinction of contextual fear memory

1491  The stem cell marker Prom1 promotes axon regeneration by down-regulating cholesterol synthesis via Smad signaling.

1490  Oligodendrocytes that survive acute coronavirus infection induce prolonged inflammatory responses in the CNS.

1489  The C terminus of p73 is essential for hippocampal development.

1488  Signal dynamics of midbrain dopamine neurons during economic decision-making in monkeys.

1487  How the effects of actions become our own.

1486  Neurons in the canary premotor cortex homologue encode past song phrases and transitions, carrying information relevant to future choice of phrases as ‘hidden states’ during song.

1485  Reversing a model of Parkinson’s disease with in situ converted nigral neurons.

1484  Studies in rats and mice at different times of day suggest that the failure of neuroprotective strategies for stroke in translational studies might be related to the difference in circadian cycles between humans and rodents.

1483  Spiking activity in the human hippocampus prior to encoding predicts subsequent memory.

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