1427  Decoding the development of the human hippocampus.

1426  Neurotrophic factors contribute to maintain the gut epithelial barrier during viral insult.

1425  Clonally expanded CD8 T cells patrol the cerebrospinal fluid in Alzheimer’s disease.

1424  Neurons differentiate magnitude and location of mechanical stimuli.

1423  IL-17a promotes sociability in mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders.

1422  Serotonergic Modulation of Walking in Drosophila.

1421  An Inhibitory Lateral Hypothalamic-Preoptic Circuit Mediates Rapid Arousals from Sleep.

1420  Sleep fragmentation, microglial aging, and cognitive impairment in adults with and without Alzheimer’s dementia.

1419  Blood-brain barrier dysfunction in aging induces hyperactivation of TGFβ signaling and chronic yet reversible neural dysfunction.

1418  Paroxysmal slow cortical activity in Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy is associated with blood-brain barrier dysfunction.

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