Mechanical Engineering

23 Airfoil-like mechanics generate thrust on the anterior body of swimming fishes.

22 A Full-Solid-State Humidity Pump for Localized Humidity Control.

21 Volumetric additive manufacturing via tomographic reconstruction.

20 Origami-inspired, on-demand deployable and collapsible mechanical metamaterials with tunable stiffness.

19 Giga-voxel computational morphogenesis for structural design.

18 Hand-powered ultralow-cost paper centrifuge.

17 Robust microscale superlubricity under high contact pressure enabled by graphene-coated microsphere.

16 A calcium ion held in a tapered trap is used as the working substance of a tiny thermodynamic engine.

15 Why the seahorse tail is square.

14 Reducing the energy cost of human walking using an unpowered exoskeleton.

13 A sublimation heat engine.

12 Noncontact orientation of objects in three-dimensional space using magnetic levitation.

11 Origami based Mechanical Metamaterials.

10 A zero-knowledge protocol for nuclear warhead verification.

9 Conversion of light into macroscopic helical motion.

8 Sound Isolation and Giant Linear Nonreciprocity in a Compact Acoustic Circulator.

7 Platinum supported on titanium–ruthenium oxide is a remarkably stable electrocatayst for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

6 A Thermoelectric Heat Engine with Ultracold Atoms.

5 Humanlike robot hands controlled by brain activity arouse illusion of ownership in operators.

4 Solid surface tension measured by a liquid drop under a solid film.


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