Molecular Biology


486  Structural Basis of Egg Coat-Sperm Recognition at Fertilization.

485  Structural basis of CRISPR–SpyCas9 inhibition by an anti-CRISPR protein.

484  An Atomic Structure of the Human Spliceosome.

483  The RNA polymerase clamp closes to initiate promoter melting, opens to load melted DNA, and closes again for a tight grip on DNA.

482  Visualizing multistep elevator-like transitions of a nucleoside transporter.

481  A mouse tissue transcription factor atlas.

480  CRISPR-Cpf1 correction of muscular dystrophy mutations in human cardiomyocytes and mice.

479  CRISPR–Cas systems exploit viral DNA injection to establish and maintain adaptive immunity.

478  Light-sensing via hydrogen peroxide and a peroxiredoxin.

477  Self-assembly of genetically encoded DNA-protein hybrid nanoscale shapes.

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