Nutrition & Metabolism


425  Dietary fiber and probiotics influence the gut microbiome and melanoma immunotherapy response.

424  Short-term high-fat feeding exacerbates degeneration in retinitis pigmentosa by promoting retinal oxidative stress and inflammation.

423  Chronic social isolation signals starvation and reduces sleep in Drosophila.

422  Shifts towards healthy diets in the US can reduce environmental impacts but would be unaffordable for poorer minorities.

421  Clock proteins and training modify exercise capacity in a daytime-dependent manner.

420  High-resolution dietary reconstruction of victims of the 79 CE Vesuvius eruption at Herculaneum by compound-specific isotope analysis.

419  Dietary fructose improves intestinal cell survival and nutrient absorption.

418  A high-fat diet enhances microbiota-mediated conversion of dietary choline into a precursor of atherosclerosis-promoting trimethylamine N-oxide.

417  Total protein, not amino acid composition, differs in plant-based versus omnivorous dietary patterns and determines metabolic health effects in mice.

416  Severe caloric restriction in humans leads to reversible changes in the gut microbiota that promote weight loss and the expansion of an enteric pathogen in mice.

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