Infectious Diseases

325 Glutamine promotes antibiotic uptake to kill multidrug-resistant uropathogenic bacteria.

324 Early Treatment for Covid-19 with SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibody Sotrovimab.

323 A Monoclonal Antibody for Malaria Prevention.

322 A human apolipoprotein L with detergent-like activity kills intracellular pathogens.

321 Safety, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 Covid-19 Vaccine in Adolescents.

320 Analysis of thousands of people who tested COVID positive in Germany reveals that many were asymptomatic and a minority exhibited high viral loads.

319 The anti-leprosy drug clofazimine inhibits coronavirus replication in several cell models and shows potent antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 infection in a hamster model, particularly when used in combination with remdesivir.

318 Alcohol narrows physical distance between strangers.

317 Songling virus is a newly discovered orthonairovirus found in the blood of patients hospitalized with febrile illness and having a history of tick bites.

316 The major coronavirus variant that emerged at the end of 2020 in the UK is more transmissible than its predecessors and could spark resurgences.

315 SARS-CoV-2 infection is effectively treated and prevented by EIDD-2801.

314 Vaccinating the oldest against COVID-19 saves both the most lives and most years of life.

313 Elevated cerebrospinal fluid cytokine levels in tuberculous meningitis predict survival in response to dexamethasone.

312 Tocilizumab in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 (RECOVERY): preliminary results of a randomised, controlled, open-label, platform trial.

311 The hygiene hypothesis, the COVID pandemic, and consequences for the human microbiome.

310 Phylogenetic analysis of complete SARS-CoV-2 genomes provides evidence that superspreading profoundly influenced epidemic spread.

309 Reductions in 2020 US life expectancy due to COVID-19 and the disproportionate impact on the Black and Latino populations.

308 COVID-19 lockdown induces disease-mitigating structural changes in mobility networks.

307 Face masks considerably reduce COVID-19 cases in Germany.

306 Fluoxazolevir inhibits hepatitis C virus infection in humanized chimeric mice by blocking viral membrane fusion.

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