Social Science

179 The culture of social comparison.

178 Toddlers prefer those who win but not when they win by force.

177 A robust data-driven approach identifies four personality types across four large data sets.

176 Effects of environmental stressors on daily governance.

175 Cognitive resource allocation determines the organization of personal networks.

174 Computational and neurobiological foundations of leadership decisions.

173 Local structure can identify and quantify influential global spreaders in large scale social networks.

172 Single-dose testosterone administration increases men’s preference for status goods.

171 Reproduction in the Baka pygmies and drop in their fertility with the arrival of alcohol.

170 Sour Promotes Risk-Taking: An Investigation into the Effect of Taste on Risk-Taking Behaviour in Humans.

169 Cell phone tracking shows that mixed-political-party families had shorter 2016 Thanksgiving gatherings, exacerbated by political advertising.

168 Efficient coding explains the universal law of generalization in human perception.

167 Arginine vasopressin in cerebrospinal fluid is a marker of sociality in nonhuman primates.

166 Citywide cluster randomized trial to restore blighted vacant land and its effects on violence, crime, and fear.

165 The science of fake news.

164 The spread of true and false news online.

163 Demographically diverse crowds are typically not much wiser than homogeneous crowds.

162 Field study of charitable giving reveals that reciprocity decays over time.

161 Inequality in nature and society.

160 Social class and wise reasoning about interpersonal conflicts across regions, persons and situations.


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