Social Science

268 Separations of romantic relationships are experienced differently by initiators and noninitiators.

267 Tackling psychosocial and capital constraints to alleviate poverty.

266 Early-life exposure to hardship increased risk tolerance and entrepreneurship in adulthood with gender differences.

265 Protest movements involving limited violence can sometimes be effective: Evidence from the 2020 BlackLivesMatter protests.

264 Machine-learning algorithms can take advantage of survey and mobile phone data to help to identify people most in need of aid, complementing traditional methods for targeting humanitarian assistance.

263 Knowledge about others reduces one’s own sense of anonymity.

262 More comprehensive sex education reduced teen births: Quasi-experimental evidence.

261 Individuals with adverse childhood experiences explore less and underweight reward feedback.

260 Early concepts of intimacy: Young humans use saliva sharing to infer close relationships.

259 Sleep onset is a creative sweet spot.

258 What was the first “art”? How would we know?

257 People are more tolerant of inequality when it is expressed in terms of individuals rather than groups at the top.

256 An experimental look at trust, bargaining, and public goods in fishing communities.

255 Trusted authorities can change minds and shift norms during conflict.

254 National religiosity eases the psychological burden of poverty.

253 Intergenerational nutrition benefits of India’s national school feeding program.

252 Trust in science, social consensus and vaccine confidence.

251 How university diversity rationales inform student preferences and outcomes.

250 Analyses of a global database reveal that in many developing countries progress in learning remains limited despite increasing enrolment in primary and secondary education, and uncover links between human capital and economic development.

249 Observational and experimental studies of people seeking to improve objects, ideas or situations demonstrate that people default to searching for solutions that add new components rather than for solutions that remove existing components.


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