Social Science

208 Decoding team and individual impact in science and invention.

207 Civic honesty around the globe.

206 Social evolution leads to persistent corruption.

205 On the psychology and economics of antisocial personality.

204 Humans adapt to social diversity over time.

203 Productivity, prominence, and the effects of academic environment.

202 No evidence that economic inequality moderates the effect of income on generosity.

201 Social alliances improve rank and fitness in convention-based societies.

200 Measuring the impact of interaction between children of a matrilineal and a patriarchal culture on gender differences in risk aversion.

199 Advantaged socioeconomic conditions in childhood are associated with higher cognitive functioning but stronger cognitive decline in older age.

198 Reducing socioeconomic disparities in the STEM pipeline through student emotion regulation.

197 Background music stints creativity: Evidence from compound remote associate tasks.

196 Examining long-term trends in politics and culture through language of political leaders and cultural institutions.

195 Enabling creative collaboration for all levels of learning.

194 Leading a meaningful life at older ages and its relationship with social engagement, prosperity, health, biology, and time use.

193 Integration in emerging social networks explains academic failure and success.

192 Twin-Win Model: A human-centered approach to research success.

191 How science and technology developments impact employment and education.

190 A field study and three experiments demonstrate that people who engage in rare (non-normative) prosocial behaviours will be more effective advocates for those behaviours than people who merely praise the virtues of these prosocial behaviours.

189 Cultural impediments to learning to cooperate: An experimental study of high- and low-caste men in rural India.


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