644 Use of trifluoromethane sulfonate in place of basic electrolyte enables electrochemical reversibility of zinc-air batteries.

643 High-performance solar flow battery powered by a perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell.

642 Glassy Li metal anode for high-performance rechargeable Li batteries.

641 Monolithic perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell with >29% efficiency by enhanced hole extraction.

640 Reversible planar gliding and microcracking in a single-crystalline Ni-rich cathode.

639 Green energy by recoverable triple-oxide mesostructured perovskite photovoltaics.

638 Toward Reversible and Moisture-Tolerant Aprotic Lithium-Air Batteries.

637 Solid Acid Electrochemical Cell for the Production of Hydrogen from Ammonia.

636 All-perovskite tandem solar cells with 24.2% certified efficiency and area over 1 cm2 using surface-anchoring zwitterionic antioxidant.

635 Hydrogen production via microwave-induced water splitting at low temperature.

634 A Passive High-Temperature High-Pressure Solar Steam Generator for Medical Sterilization.

633 Rational design of layered oxide materials for sodium-ion batteries.

632 A Self‐Healing Amalgam Interface in Metal Batteries.

631 Spontaneous Solar Syngas Production from CO2 Driven by Energetically Favorable Wastewater Microbial Anodes.

630 Approaching 16% Efficiency in All-Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells Based on Ternary Strategy with a Highly Crystalline Acceptor.

629 An air gap embedded within the structure of a thermophotovoltaic device acts as a near-perfect reflector of low-energy photons, resulting in their recovery and recycling by the thermal source, enabling excellent power-conversion efficiency.

628 Impact of strain relaxation on performance of α-formamidinium lead iodide perovskite solar cells.

627 Vapor deposition of methylammonium thiocyanate converts yellow δ-phase formamidinium lead triiodide to the pure black α-phase.

626 Stable perovskite solar cells with efficiency exceeding 24.8% and 0.3-V voltage loss.

625 A High‐Energy Aqueous Manganese–Metal Hydride Hybrid Battery.

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