749 18.2%-efficient ternary all-polymer organic solar cells with improved stability enabled by a chlorinated guest polymer acceptor.

748 Boosting radiation of stacked halide layer for perovskite solar cells with efficiency over 25%.

747 High-performing polysulfate dielectrics for electrostatic energy storage under harsh conditions.

746 Lithium halide cathodes for Li metal batteries.

745 Intermediate-phase engineering via dimethylammonium cation additive for stable perovskite solar cells.

744 Moisture adsorption-desorption full cycle power generation.

743 Self-sustained electricity generator driven by the compatible integration of ambient moisture adsorption and evaporation.

742 Highly Efficient Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells through Pentylammonium Acetate Modification with Certified Efficiency of 23.35%.

741 Stabilizing perovskite crystal structure and mitigating lithium ion diffusion enhance the performance of perovskite solar modules.

740 Unveiling facet-dependent degradation and facet engineering for stable perovskite solar cells.

739 A submillimeter bundled microtubular flow battery cell with ultrahigh volumetric power density.

738 Solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of more than 9% in photocatalytic water splitting.

737 Hydroxamic acid pre-adsorption raises the efficiency of cosensitized solar cells.

736 A Nonflammable High-Voltage 4.7 V Anode-Free Lithium Battery.

735 A Wide Bandgap Halide Perovskite Based Self-Powered Blue Photodetector with 84.9% of External Quantum Efficiency.

734 Capacity factors for electrical power generation from renewable and nonrenewable sources.

733 High-entropy design can lead to orders of magnitude increases in ionic conductivity regardless of the crystal framework.

732 A membrane-based seawater electrolyser for hydrogen generation.

731 Perovskite solar cells based on screen-printed thin films.

730 Harvesting waste heat with flexible Bi2Te3 thermoelectric thin film.

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