716 Constructing nickel–iron oxyhydroxides integrated with iron oxides by microorganism corrosion for oxygen evolution.

715 Recycling spent LiNi1-x-yMnxCoyO2 cathodes to bifunctional NiMnCo catalysts for zinc-air batteries.

714 Lithiating magneto-ionics in a rechargeable battery.

713 High-performance K-ion half/full batteries with superb rate capability and cycle stability.

712 Triple-junction solar cells with 39.5% terrestrial and 34.2% space efficiency enabled by thick quantum well superlattices.

711 Light-induced activation of boron doping in hydrogenated amorphous silicon for over 25% efficiency silicon solar cells.

710 Reversible hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to formic acid using a Mn-pincer complex in the presence of lysine.

709 Improved crystallization enables all-perovskite, large-area tandem solar module fabrication with fully scalable processing.

708 A hydrogel system converts pressure into ion movement that induces voltage changes.

707 Tin perovskite solar cells with >1,300 h of operational stability in N2 through a synergistic chemical engineering approach.

706 Highly efficient CsPbI3/Cs1-xDMAxPbI3 bulk heterojunction perovskite solar cell.

705 Ammonia eurefstics: Electrolytes for liquid energy storage and conversion at room temperature and ambient pressure.

704 Low-cost hydrocarbon membrane enables commercial-scale flow batteries for long-duration energy storage.

703 Single-step hydrogen production from NH3, CH4, and biogas in stacked proton ceramic reactors.

702 High-Polarizability Organic Ferroelectric Materials Doping for Enhancing the Built-In Electric Field of Perovskite Solar Cells Realizing Efficiency over 24%.

701 Antifreezing Hydrogel Electrolyte with Ternary Hydrogen Bonding for High-Performance Zinc-Ion Batteries.

700 Meniscus-Assisted Coating with Optimized Active-Layer Morphology toward Highly Efficient All-Polymer Solar Cells.

699 A 3D Hierarchical Host with Enhanced Sodiophilicity Enabling Anode-Free Sodium-Metal Batteries.

698 Synergistic dual conversion reactions assisting Pb-S electrochemistry for energy storage.

697 Polythiophenes for organic solar cells with efficiency surpassing 17%.

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