268 Targeting cardiac fibrosis with engineered T cells.

267 Cell therapy in a rat model of heart attack is enhanced by stem-cell-derived epicardium.

266 Effect of Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure on Cardiovascular Outcomes.

265 Dynamic secretome of bone marrow-derived stromal cells reveals a cardioprotective biochemical cocktail.

264 The Translational Landscape of the Human Heart.

263 Application of High-Sensitivity Troponin in Suspected Myocardial Infarction.

262 A heart anomaly in children can be caused by a combination of rare heterozygous mutations inherited from asymptomatic parents.

261 Primary cilia defects causing mitral valve prolapse.

260 Liquid biopsy of circulating exosomes can be used to monitor recovery of ischemic myocardium after transplanting cardiac progenitor cells.

259 A Fully Magnetically Levitated Left Ventricular Assist Device — Final Report.

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