Cancer Biology

1263 Cancer risk across mammals.

1262 Disrupting Roquin-1 interaction with Regnase-1 induces autoimmunity and enhances antitumor responses.

1261 A tumour-resident Lgr5+ stem-cell-like pool drives the establishment and progression of advanced gastric cancers.

1260 Single-cell RNA sequencing of cancer-associated T cells elucidates links between immune cell types and tumor characteristics.

1259 An AAV gene therapy computes over multiple cellular inputs to enable precise targeting of multifocal hepatocellular carcinoma in mice.

1258 β2-spectrin (SPTBN1) as a therapeutic target for diet-induced liver disease and preventing cancer development.

1257 Colon cancer cells acquire immune regulatory molecules from tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes by trogocytosis.

1256 Fasting-mimicking diet blocks triple-negative breast cancer and cancer stem cell escape.

1255 Dietary palmitic acid promotes a prometastatic memory via Schwann cells.

1254 Low glycaemic diets alter lipid metabolism to influence tumour growth.

1253 Immunotherapy and Prevention of Cancer by Nanovaccines Loaded with Whole-Cell Components of Tumor Tissues or Cells.

1252 Glycogen accumulation and phase separation drives liver tumor initiation.

1251 Metabolic modulation of tumours with engineered bacteria for immunotherapy.

1250 Cell-Membrane-Derived Nanoparticles with Notch-1 Suppressor Delivery Promote Hypoxic Cell–Cell Packing and Inhibit Angiogenesis Acting as a Two-Edged Sword.

1249 BRCA1/Trp53 heterozygosity and replication stress drive esophageal cancer development in a mouse model.

1248 Interventional real-time optical imaging guidance for complete tumor ablation.

1247 High-risk human papillomavirus-18 uses an mRNA sequence to synthesize oncoprotein E6 in tumors.

1246 Compromised nuclear envelope integrity drives TREX1-dependent DNA damage and tumor cell invasion.

1245 Commensal bacteria promote endocrine resistance in prostate cancer through androgen biosynthesis.

1244 A protein interaction landscape of breast cancer.

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