Chemical Engineering

33Closed-loop recycling of plastics enabled by dynamic covalent diketoenamine bonds.

32Catalyst-free, highly selective synthesis of ammonia from nitrogen and water by a plasma electrolytic system.

31Highly Compressible Wood Sponges with a Spring-like Lamellar Structure as Effective and Reusable Oil Absorbents.

30Integrated tuneable synthesis of liquid fuels via Fischer–Tropsch technology.

29Transparent and conductive nanomembranes with orthogonal silver nanowire arrays for skin-attachable loudspeakers and microphones.

28Planning chemical syntheses with deep neural networks and symbolic AI.

27Novel Silica-Encapsulated Cu–Al Hydrotalcite Catalyst: Oxidative Decarboxylation of Vanillyl Mandelic Acid to Vanillin in Water at Atmospheric Pressure.

26Ultrathin manganese dioxide nanosheets for formaldehyde removal and regeneration performance.

25Amino-functionalized MOFs combining ceramic membrane ultrafiltration for Pb (II) removal.

24A novel approach toward fabrication of porous molecularly imprinted nanocomposites with bioinspired multilevel internal domains: Application to selective adsorption and separation membrane.

23Rubidium extraction using an organic polymer encapsulated potassium copper hexacyanoferrate sorbent.

22A simple and effective strategy to fast remove chromium (VI) and organic pollutant in photoelectrocatalytic process at low voltage.

21Mussel-inspired coating of energetic crystals: A compact core–shell structure with highly enhanced thermal stability.

20Photocatalytic treatment of automotive exhaust emissions.

19Improvement of CO2 uptake of activated carbons by treatment with mineral acids.

18Advanced electrochemical energy storage supercapacitors based on the flexible carbon fiber fabric-coated with uniform coral-like MnO2 structured electrodes.

17Continuous lithium mining from aqueous resources by an adsorbent filter with a 3D polymeric nanofiber network infused with ion sieves.

16Providing essential growth nutrients through xenobiotic compounds can control industrial microbial contamination.

15Megasupramolecules for safer, cleaner fuel by end association of long telechelic polymers.

14Sub–10 nm polyamide nanofilms with ultrafast solvent transport for molecular separation.


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