Developmental Biology


158  Excitable Dynamics and Yap-Dependent Mechanical Cues Drive the Segmentation Clock.

157  Genome editing in human zygotes shows that OCT4 is required for normal development at an earlier stage in humans than in mice.

156  A microtubule-organizing center directing intracellular transport in the early mouse embryo.

155  Emergent cellular self-organization and mechanosensation initiate follicle pattern in the avian skin.

154  Pre-oral gut contributes to facial structures in non-teleost fishes.

153  Foxa2 identifies a cardiac progenitor population with ventricular differentiation potential.

152  Developmental mechanisms of stripe patterns in rodents.

151  The Hippo signalling pathway coordinates organ growth and limits developmental variability by controlling dilp8 expression.

150  Mice produced by mitotic reprogramming of sperm injected into haploid parthenogenotes.

149  Hoxa- and Hoxd-deficient zebrafish generated using Crispr/Cas with fate mapping have reduced fin rays and increased endochondral elements, establishing homology between the developmental programs that create fin rays and the wrists and digits of mammals.

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