166 Porphyromonas gingivalis in Alzheimer’s disease brains: Evidence for disease causation and treatment with small-molecule inhibitors.

165 Sleepmore in Seattle: Later school start times are associated with more sleep and better performance in high school students.

164 Cognitive impairments induced by necrotizing enterocolitis can be prevented by inhibiting microglial activation in mouse brain.

163 The vermiform appendix impacts the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

162 Spatially selective and temporally controlled stimulation of the spinal cord, together with rehabilitation, results in substantial restoration of locomotor function in humans with spinal cord injury.

161 Biomimetic Intraneural Sensory Feedback Enhances Sensation Naturalness, Tactile Sensitivity, and Manual Dexterity in a Bidirectional Prosthesis.

160 The temporal relationship between onchocerciasis and epilepsy: a population-based cohort study.

159 Optogenetic stimulation of cochlear neurons activates the auditory pathway and restores auditory-driven behavior in deaf adult gerbils.

158 A neural pathway controlling motivation to exert effort.

157 Socioeconomic status moderates age-related differences in the brain’s functional network organization and anatomy across the adult lifespan.

156 Study of Intraventricular Cerliponase Alfa for CLN2 Disease.

155 Locomotor activity modulates associative learning in mouse cerebellum.

154 Association of disrupted circadian rhythmicity with mood disorders, subjective wellbeing, and cognitive function: a cross-sectional study of 91 105 participants from the UK Biobank.

153 Illusory movement perception improves motor control for prosthetic hands.

152 Environmental enrichment and exercise are better than social enrichment to reduce memory deficits in amyloid beta neurotoxicity.

151 Robust prediction of individual creative ability from brain functional connectivity.

150 Flexibility of thought in high creative individuals represented by percolation analysis.

149 The mediating role of sleep in the fish consumption – cognitive functioning relationship: a cohort study.

148 A Controlled Trial of Erenumab for Episodic Migraine.

147 Fremanezumab for the Preventive Treatment of Chronic Migraine.

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