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Software Engineering

Software Engineering (Computer Software)

64 Machine learning leads to better, faster, and cheaper weather forecasting.

63 AI-synthesized faces are indistinguishable from real faces and more trustworthy.

62 Outracing champion Gran Turismo drivers with deep reinforcement learning.

61 Identifying facial phenotypes of genetic disorders using deep learning.

60 Grid-like representations emerge spontaneously within a neural network trained to self-localize, enabling the agent to take shortcuts to destinations using vector-based navigation.

59 A neural algorithm for a fundamental computing problem.

58 Semantics derived automatically from language corpora contain human-like biases.

57 A coherent Ising machine for 2000-node optimization problems.

56 A fully programmable 100-spin coherent Ising machine with all-to-all connections.

55 Automatic facial expression recognition using features of salient facial patches.

54 Program Characterization Using Runtime Values and Its Application to Software Plagiarism Detection.

53 Safer User Interfaces: A Case Study in Improving Number Entry.

52 GALE: Geometric Active Learning for Search-Based Software Engineering.

51 Seer: A Lightweight Online Failure Prediction Approach.

50 Combining the capacity to handle noise with probabilistic learning yields humanlike performance in a computational model.

49 Human-level control through deep reinforcement learning.

48 Improving MapReduce Performance Using Smart Speculative Execution Strategy.

47 MuSA: Multivariate Sampling Algorithmfor Wireless Sensor Networks.

46 FLOTT—A Fast, Low Memory T-TransformAlgorithm for Measuring String Complexity.

45 Schedulability Analysis of DeferrableScheduling Algorithms for MaintainingReal-Time Data Freshness.

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