104  One-Pot Production of Cellulosic Ethanol via Tandem Catalysis over a Multifunctional Mo/Pt/WOx Catalyst.

103  Integration of renewable deep eutectic solvents with engineered biomass to achieve a closed-loop biorefinery.

102  Breaking the Limit of Lignin Monomer Production via Cleavage of Interunit Carbon–Carbon Linkages.

101  Integrated Conversion of Cellulose to High-Density Aviation Fuel.

100  Direct Catalytic Methanol-to-Ethanol Photo-conversion via Methyl Carbene.

99  A Convergent Approach for a Deep Converting Lignin-First Biorefinery Rendering High-Energy-Density Drop-in Fuels.

98  Sugar release and growth of biofuel crops are improved by downregulation of pectin biosynthesis.

97  An algal photoenzyme converts fatty acids to hydrocarbons.

96  Biofuel blending reduces particle emissions from aircraft engines at cruise conditions.

95  Decoding how a soil bacterium extracts building blocks and metabolic energy from ligninolysis provides road map for lignin valorization.

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