Material Science

928 Infrared optical and thermal properties of microstructures in butterfly wings.

927 Eight-layer graphite has a room-temperature thermal conductivity higher than that of diamond.

926 The semiconductor 6LiInP2Se6 is used for the direct detection of thermal neutrons at room temperature, demonstrating good energy resolution.

925 Biomineralization and Successive Regeneration of Engineered Living Building Materials.

924 Transparent ferroelectric crystals with ultrahigh piezoelectricity.

923 A growth process in which protons decouple graphene from the underlying substrate greatly reduces the number of wrinkles that usually degrade large graphene films grown by chemical vapour deposition.

922 Synthesis and properties of free-standing monolayer amorphous carbon.

921 Nature‐Inspired Nacre‐Like Composites Combining Human Tooth‐Matching Elasticity and Hardness with Exceptional Damage Tolerance.

920 Additive manufacturing of ultrafine-grained high-strength titanium alloys.

919 Bone-inspired microarchitectures achieve enhanced fatigue life.

918 Fatigue-resistant high-performance elastocaloric materials made by additive manufacturing.

917 A method of engineering efficient and stable InP/ZnSe/ZnS quantum dot light-emitting diodes (QD-LEDs) has improved their performance to the level of state-of-the-art cadmium-containing QD-LEDs, removing the problem of the toxicity of cadmium in large-panel displays.

916 Tough, Self‐Healing Hydrogels Capable of Ultrafast Shape Changing.

915 Precision Imprinted Nanostructural Wood.

914 Scalable Spider‐Silk‐Like Supertough Fibers using a Pseudoprotein Polymer.

913 Skin-integrated wireless haptic interfaces for virtual and augmented reality.

912 Stretchable self-healable semiconducting polymer film for active-matrix strain-sensing array.

911 Dense and flawless alumina glass can be viscously deformed without fracturing, unlike many similar ceramics.

910 A new strong, biocompatible and biodegradable double-sided tape can adhere to wet tissues and devices through a mechanism involving rapid water removal from the surface, swift hydrogen and electrostatic interactions, and covalent bonding.

909 Highly Floatable Superhydrophobic Metallic Assembly for Aquatic Applications.

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