Material Science

866 High‐Efficiency Perovskite Light‐Emitting Diodes with Synergetic Outcoupling Enhancement.

865 Band Tunable Microcavity Perovskite Artificial Human Photoreceptors.

864 Large-area graphene-nanomesh/carbon-nanotube hybrid membranes for ionic and molecular nanofiltration,

863 Wearable thermoelectrics for personalized thermoregulation.

862 Ultrathin freestanding crystalline films of transition-metal oxide perovskites are fabricated and transferred to various substrates, proving their potential for exploring emergent 2D correlated phases.

861 The stability of both colloidal quantum dots and perovskites can be improved by combining them into a hybrid material in which matched lattice parameters suppress the formation of undesired phases.

860 Rational molecular passivation for high-performance perovskite light-emitting diodes.

859 Wearable thermoelectrics for personalized thermoregulation.

858 A radiative cooling structural material.

857 A lanthanum hydride compound at a pressure of around 170 gigapascals is found to exhibit superconductivity with a critical temperature of 250 kelvin.

856 Fabrication of polymeric lenses using magnetic liquid molds.

855 Dimensional reduction, quantum Hall effect and layer parity in graphite films.

854 Expeditious, scalable solution growth of metal oxide films by combustion blade coating for flexible electronics.

853 Large bandgap of pressurized trilayer graphene.

852 Paraffin-enabled graphene transfer.

851 Bulk metallic glasses made from alloys of iridium, nickel, tantalum and boron are developed by combinatorial methods, with higher strength at high temperature than those previously produced.

850 Buoyancy‐Driven Gradients for Biomaterial Fabrication and Tissue Engineering.

849 Delaying Ice and Frost Formation Using Phase‐Switching Liquids.

848 A diecast mineralization process forms the tough mantis shrimp dactyl club.

847 A diecast mineralization process forms the tough mantis shrimp dactyl club.

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