Material Science

1054 All-in-one flexible supercapacitor with ultrastable performance under extreme load.

1053 A structure-directing agent enabled the synthesis of single-walled nanotubes with zeolitic wall structures.

1052 Tungsten-doped vanadium dioxide allows fabrications of windows that might be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

1051 A lanthanum tungsten nitride perovskite has piezoelectric properties attractive for a variety of applications.

1050 Pure tellurium can be used as a phase-change switching device for computer memory applications.

1049 In-orbit demonstration of an iodine electric propulsion system.

1048 A study demonstrates that a range of different behaviours—from reversible, through weeping, to explosive—can be exhibited by a chemically homogeneous ceramic system by manipulating conditions of compatibility in unusual ways.

1047 Discovery of davemaoite, CaSiO3-perovskite, as a mineral from the lower mantle.

1046 Organic Semiconductor Single Crystals for X-ray Imaging.

1045 Liquid Metal Composites with Enhanced Thermal Conductivity and Stability Using Molecular Thermal Linker.

1044 A Liquid Metal Artificial Muscle.

1043 Bioinspired Multifunctional Glass Surfaces through Regenerative Secondary Mask Lithography.

1042 Abnormally High-Lithium Storage in Pure Crystalline C60 Nanoparticles.

1041 Additives for Ambient 3D Printing with Visible Light.

1040 A composite of a lead halide perovskite and a metal-organic framework glass exhibits bright and stable photoluminescence.

1039 So far only signatures of excitonic insulators have been reported, but here direct thermodynamic evidence is provided for a strongly correlated excitonic insulating state in transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductor double layers.

1038 Digital printing of shape-morphing natural materials.

1037 Fine-scale concentration modulation created by combining 316L stainless steel with Ti64 titanium alloy improves mechanical properties.

1036 Lightweight, strong, moldable wood via cell wall engineering as a sustainable structural material.

1035 Antibacterial Gel Coatings Inspired by the Cryptic Function of a Mussel Byssal Peptide.

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