Material Science

1010 Intercalating lithium into the insulating ZrNCl induces superconductivity and brings this material into the crossover regime.

1009 High-throughput injection molding of transparent fused silica glass.

1008 Discovery of a natural cyan blue: A unique food-sourced anthocyanin could replace synthetic brilliant blue.

1007 Three-dimensional nanoprinting via charged aerosol jets.

1006 Sustainable polyethylene fabrics with engineered moisture transport for passive cooling.

1005 Transport measurements in graphene trilayers indicate potentially unconventional superconductivity.

1004 A large electronic display textile that is flexible, breathable and withstands repeated machine-washing is integrated with a keyboard and power supply to create a wearable, durable communication tool.

1003 A strategy that combines freeze-casting and salting-out treatments produces strong, tough, stretchable and fatigue-resistant poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels.

1002 Developing fibrillated cellulose as a sustainable technological material.

1001 Performance of molecular crystals in conversion of light to mechanical work.

1000 Robust direct digital-to-biological data storage in living cells.

999 Micrometer-sized diamond plates can be elastically stretched up to 10% along a certain crystallographic direction.

998 Electron tomography reveals how inhomogeneities in pore distributions affect performance of water filtration membranes.

997 Xolography for linear volumetric 3D printing.

996 Strong electron–electron interactions in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene can fundamentally change the topology of the system’s flat bands, producing a hierarchy of strongly correlated topological insulators in modest magnetic fields.

995 Self-assembly of a layered two-dimensional molecularly woven fabric.

994 Moth wings are acoustic metamaterials.

993 Liquid Thermo-Responsive Smart Window Derived from Hydrogel.

992 Self‐Winding Gelatin–Amyloid Wires for Soft Actuators and Sensors.

991 Topological Interlocking and Geometric Stiffening as Complementary Strategies for Strong Plant Shells.

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