Material Science

843 Propagation of pop ups in kirigami shells.

842 Samarium-doped single-crystal Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 has an exceptionally high piezoelectric charge coefficient.

841 Optical creation of a supercrystal with three-dimensional nanoscale periodicity.

840 Halide lead perovskites for ionizing radiation detection.

839 A study of the extraordinarily strong and tough silk produced by bagworms.

838 Plant-inspired adhesive and tough hydrogel based on Ag-Lignin nanoparticles-triggered dynamic redox catechol chemistry.

837 Stretchable materials of high toughness and low hysteresis.

836 Bioinspired Stable and Photoluminescent Assemblies for Power Generation.

835 Doping Nanoscale Graphene Domains Improves Magnetism in Hexagonal Boron Nitride.

834 Porous Silicon Nanoneedles Modulate Endocytosis to Deliver Biological Payloads.

833 A molecular perovskite solid solution with piezoelectricity stronger than lead zirconate titanate.

832 Redefining near-unity luminescence in quantum dots with photothermal threshold quantum yield.

831 Hybrid dynamic windows using reversible metal electrodeposition and ion insertion.

830 A mechanism for temporary bioadhesion.

829 Outstanding radiation resistance of tungsten-based high-entropy alloys.

828 An alloy-processing method using mechanical cycling produces high-strength aluminum alloys.

827 Nanoconfinementā€Induced Giant Electrocaloric Effect in Ferroelectric Polymer Nanowire Array Integrated with Aluminum Oxide Membrane to Exhibit Record Cooling Power Density.

826 Realizing Ultralow Concentration Gelation of Graphene Oxide with Artificial Interfaces.

825 Topological materials are thought to be scarce, but an algorithm that diagnoses nontrivial topology in nonmagnetic materials finds the opposite: more than 30 per cent of the 26,688 materials studied are topological.

824 A complete catalogue of high-quality topological materials.

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