Material Science

905 The precision imprinted wood may open new possibilities toward environmentally friendly devices and applications in optics, biology, electronics, etc.

904 Dynamics of wrinkling in ultrathin elastic sheets.

903 Waterproof molecular monolayers stabilize 2D materials.

902 Little-Parks oscillations in rings of polycrystalline β-Bi2Pd suggest unconventional superconductivity.

901 Torsional refrigeration by twisted, coiled, and supercoiled fibers.

900 An inexpensive tin-and-sulfur–based material has attractive thermoelectric properties.

899 An alloying-dealloying reaction with metals such as bismuth produced tetrahexahedral transition-metal nanoparticles.

898 Role of indentation depth and contact area on human perception of softness for haptic interfaces.

897 Mosquito bite prevention through graphene barrier layers.

896 A scanning tunneling microscope tip can fold and roll graphene nanosheets along predetermined directions.

895 The limitations of conventional chemical doping of polymeric semiconductors can be overcome by adding a second ionic species into the system, leading to enhanced doping, electrical conductivity and stability.

894 Superconductivity is demonstrated in an infinite-layer nickelate similar to infinite-layer copper oxides, which is synthesized using soft- chemistry topotactic reduction of the perovskite precursor phase.

893 Modern microprocessor built from complementary carbon nanotube transistors.

892 3D Printing for Electrocatalytic Applications.

891 Bioinspired Adhesive Architectures: From Skin Patch to Integrated Bioelectronics.

890 Stability of Quantum Dots, Quantum Dot Films, and Quantum Dot Light‐Emitting Diodes for Display Applications.

889 Structurally Controlled Cellular Architectures for High‐Performance Ultra‐Lightweight Materials.

888 Ultrafast lasers can weld certain ceramics at room temperature.

887 High performance from extraordinarily thick organic light-emitting diodes.

886 Reducing the metabolic rate of walking and running with a versatile, portable exosuit.

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