Material Science

1073 Hypocrystalline ceramic aerogels for thermal insulation at extreme conditions.

1072 A predictive microfluidic model of human glioblastoma to assess trafficking of blood–brain barrier-penetrant nanoparticles.

1071 Artificial neuromorphic cognitive skins based on distributed biaxially stretchable elastomeric synaptic transistors.

1070 Cross-linked polytriazole polymeric nanofiltration membranes can fractionate crude oil.

1069 High-κ perovskite membranes as insulators for two-dimensional transistors.

1068 A hydrogel inspired by a spider’s cuticular pad can detect human physiological signals by selective frequency absorption.

1067 Biological matrix composites from cultured plant cells.

1066 Tensional twist-folding of sheets into multilayered scrolled yarns.

1065 A catalogue of the naturally occurring three-dimensional stoichiometric materials with flat bands around the Fermi level provides a powerful search engine for future theoretical and experimental studies.

1064 Self-assembly of nanocrystals into strongly electronically coupled all-inorganic supercrystals.

1063 Relaxor ferroelectric polymer exhibits ultrahigh electromechanical coupling at low electric field.

1062 Highly stretchable van der Waals thin films for adaptable and breathable electronic membranes.

1061 Superconductivity emerges in a stable form of bilayer graphene upon the application of an in-plane magnetic field.

1060 Why mussel byssal plaques are tiny yet strong in attachment.

1059 Large scale production of synthetic spider silk proteins in Escherichia coli.

1058 Rare earth elements from waste.

1057 A highly distorted ultraelastic chemically complex Elinvar alloy.

1056 Irreversible synthesis of an ultrastrong two-dimensional polymeric material.

1055 Multiscale engineered artificial tooth enamel.

1054 All-in-one flexible supercapacitor with ultrastable performance under extreme load.

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