Material Science

1000 Robust direct digital-to-biological data storage in living cells.

999 Micrometer-sized diamond plates can be elastically stretched up to 10% along a certain crystallographic direction.

998 Electron tomography reveals how inhomogeneities in pore distributions affect performance of water filtration membranes.

997 Xolography for linear volumetric 3D printing.

996 Strong electron–electron interactions in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene can fundamentally change the topology of the system’s flat bands, producing a hierarchy of strongly correlated topological insulators in modest magnetic fields.

995 Self-assembly of a layered two-dimensional molecularly woven fabric.

994 Moth wings are acoustic metamaterials.

993 Liquid Thermo-Responsive Smart Window Derived from Hydrogel.

992 Self‐Winding Gelatin–Amyloid Wires for Soft Actuators and Sensors.

991 Topological Interlocking and Geometric Stiffening as Complementary Strategies for Strong Plant Shells.

990 Lanthanide-doped inorganic nanoparticles turn molecular triplet excitons bright.

989 A stretchable optomechanical sensor decouples deformation types, detects locations, and measures deformation magnitudes.

988 Plasmonic Oxygen‐Deficient TiO2‐x Nanocrystals for Dual‐Band Electrochromic Smart Windows with Efficient Energy Recycling.

987 Near‐Infrared AIE Dots with Chemiluminescence for Deep‐Tissue Imaging.

986 Transparent Zinc‐Mesh Electrodes for Solar‐Charging Electrochromic Windows.

985 A Phenol‐Amine Superglue Inspired by Insect Sclerotization Process.

984 Production of Tyrian purple indigoid dye from tryptophan in Escherichia coli.

983 High-power portable terahertz laser systems.

982 Supertwisted spirals of layered materials enabled by growth on non-Euclidean surfaces.

981 Metasurface-driven OLED displays beyond 10,000 pixels per inch.

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