Material Science

968 How hair deforms steel.

967 Fiber‐Reinforced Viscoelastomers Show Extraordinary Crack Resistance That Exceeds Metals.

966 Thermomechanical Nanocutting of 2D Materials.

965 High‐Performance and Reliable Lead‐Free Layered‐Perovskite Transistors.

964 Viburnum tinus Fruits Use Lipids to Produce Metallic Blue Structural Color.

963 Tillandsia‐inspired Hygroscopic Photothermal Organogels for Efficient Atmospheric Water Harvesting.

962 Pencil–paper on-skin electronics.

961 Graphene nanoribbons were electronically decoupled from the metal oxide surface on which they were synthesized.

960 A solution-based lithography-assisted epitaxial-growth-and-transfer method is used to fabricate single-crystal hybrid perovskites on any surface, with precise control of the thickness, area and chemical composition gradient.

959 Ultrahigh-strength and ductile superlattice alloys with nanoscale disordered interfaces.

958 Evaporating droplets on oil-wetted surfaces: Suppression of the coffee-stain effect.

957 Electrolyte for Improved Durability of Dynamic Windows Based on Reversible Metal Electrodeposition.

956 Pentadiamond: A Hard Carbon Allotrope of a Pentagonal Network.

955 Precious metal recovery from electronic waste by a porous porphyrin polymer.

954 Bioclickable and mussel adhesive peptide mimics for engineering vascular stent surfaces.

953 Photo–cross-linkable, insulating silk fibroin for bioelectronics with enhanced cell affinity.

952 Long-term heat-storage ceramics absorbing thermal energy from hot water.

951 Photonic paper: Multiscale assembly of reflective cellulose sheets in Lunaria annua.

950 High-energy ion bombardment considerably improves the dielectric properties of a relaxor ferroelectric thin film.

949 Microribbons composed of directionally self-assembled nanoflakes as highly stretchable ionic neural electrodes.

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