Material Science

1113 Long-range ordered porous carbons produced from C60.

1112 Non-epitaxial single-crystal 2D material growth by geometric confinement.

1111 Three-dimensional printing of mycelium hydrogels into living complex materials.

1110 A superconducting qubit-metamaterial system creates a scalable lattice quantum simulator.

1109 Hot mixing: Mechanistic insights into the durability of ancient Roman concrete.

1108 Spider-Silk-Inspired Nanocomposite Polymers for Durable Daytime Radiative Cooling.

1107 Rapidly Photocurable Solid-State Poly(ionic liquid) Ionogels For Thermally Robust and Flexible Electrochromic Devices.

1106 A Bioinspired Retinomorphic Device for Spontaneous Chromatic Adaptation.

1105 Ionocaloric refrigeration cycle.

1104 A de novo protein catalyzes the synthesis of semiconductor quantum dots.

1103 A library of soft, stretchable, strain-insensitive bioelectronics was made using brittle interfacial materials.

1102 Liquid metal synthesis solvents for metallic crystals.

1101 Dissolvable transfer materials based on sugar and corn syrup enable transfer printing on near arbitrary conformal surfaces.

1100 Artificial neuromuscular fibers by multilayered coaxial integration with dynamic adaption.

1099 A solution-processed n-type conducting polymer with ultrahigh conductivity.

1098 An autonomous portable platform for universal chemical synthesis.

1097 Intrinsic glassy-metallic transport in an amorphous coordination polymer.

1096 The photoprotection mechanism in the black–brown pigment eumelanin.

1095 Iodine-Oxidized Diene-Based Rubbers as Anti-icing and Deicing Polymer Coatings.

1094 In Situ Generating CaCO3 Nanoparticles Reinforced Nonflammable Calcium Alginate Biocomposite Fiber.

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