Material Science

982 Supertwisted spirals of layered materials enabled by growth on non-Euclidean surfaces.

981 Metasurface-driven OLED displays beyond 10,000 pixels per inch.

980 Toughening mechanisms of the elytra of the diabolical ironclad beetle.

979 Hydrogels achieve low friction and wear by including lipids that migrate toward the surface to form a boundary layer.

978 A high-performance solid-state electrocaloric cooling system.

977 Concentric liquid reactors for chemical synthesis and separation.

976 Liquid harvesting and transport on multiscaled curvatures.

975 Mechanical design of the highly porous cuttlebone: A bioceramic hard buoyancy tank for cuttlefish.

974 A Machine‐Fabricated 3D Honeycomb‐Structured Flame‐Retardant Triboelectric Fabric for Fire Escape and Rescue.

973 The atomic-scale structure of hafnium oxide explains ferroelectric properties for very thin films.

972 Copper-bottomed: electrochemically active bacteria exploit conductive sulphide networks for enhanced electrogeneity.!divAbstract

971 A multifunctional self-powered sensor is developed for pressure, temperature, and material sensing.

970 A direct ink writing protocol for silica aerogels enables 3D printing of lightweight, miniaturized objects with complex shapes, with the possibility to easily add functionality by incorporating nanoparticles.

969 A superconducting diode that has zero resistance in only one direction is realized in an artificially engineered superlattice without inversion symmetry, enabling directional charge transport without energy loss.

968 How hair deforms steel.

967 Fiber‐Reinforced Viscoelastomers Show Extraordinary Crack Resistance That Exceeds Metals.

966 Thermomechanical Nanocutting of 2D Materials.

965 High‐Performance and Reliable Lead‐Free Layered‐Perovskite Transistors.

964 Viburnum tinus Fruits Use Lipids to Produce Metallic Blue Structural Color.

963 Tillandsia‐inspired Hygroscopic Photothermal Organogels for Efficient Atmospheric Water Harvesting.

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