Aeronautical Engineering

24 The promise of energy-efficient battery-powered urban aircraft.

23 Three-dimensional electronic microfliers inspired by wind-dispersed seeds.

22 Aerodynamic imaging by mosquitoes inspires a surface detector for autonomous flying vehicles.

21 How flight feathers stick together to form a continuous morphing wing.

20 Elastic shape morphing of ultralight structures by programmable assembly.

19 Improving supersonic flights with femtosecond laser filamentation.

18 A solid-state propulsion system can sustain powered flight, as demonstrated by an electroaerodynamically propelled heavier-than-air aeroplane.

17 A separated vortex ring underlies the flight of the dandelion.

16 Optical microresonators can be used for light detection and ranging as well as tracking fast-moving objects.

15 Magnetic slippery extreme icephobic surfaces.

14 Revealing the structure of the world airline network.

13 Experimental Slender Wing Model Design by the Application of Aeroelastic Scaling Laws.

12 Structural and Aeroelastic Design of a Joined-Wing UAV.

11 Performance Diagnosis for Turbojet Engines Based on Flight Data.

10 Reducing the contact time of a bouncing drop.

9 A universal strategy for visually guided landing.

8 Predicting Visibility of Aircraft.

7 A new approach for the design of hypersonic scramjet inlets.

6 Flying at No Mechanical Energy Cost: Disclosing the Secret of Wandering Albatrosses.

5 Performance Analysis of a Flapping-Wing Vehicle Based on Experimental Aerodynamic Data.


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