Molecular Physics

22 High-temperature superconductivity using a model of hydrogen bonds.

21 Experimental discovery of nodal chains.

20 Molecular hydrogen becomes an atomic metal between 465 and 495 gigapascals at low temperature.

19 Single-atom imaging of fermions in a quantum-gas microscope.

18 Designing frequency-dependent relaxation rates and Lamb shifts for a giant artificial atom.

17 The theory of pattern formation on directed networks.

16 Tribonucleation of bubbles.

15 High-precision measurement of the atomic mass of the electron.

14 In the search for stable and accurate atomic clocks, many-atom lattice clocks have shown higher precision than clocks based on single trapped ions, but have been less accurate; here, a stable many-atom clock is demonstrated that has accuracy better than single-ion clocks.

13 An atom in a cavity can be used for the nondestructive detection of optical photons.

12 A scheme is demonstrated for coherently mapping the state of a single superconducting qubit onto a large number of photons.

11 Evidence for a new nuclear ‘magic number’ from the level structure of 54Ca.

10 Imaging Atomic Rearrangements in Two-Dimensional Silica Glass: Watching Silica’s Dance.

9 The response to shock in polycrystalline copper is seen to evolve from elastic to plastic using ultrafast x-ray diffraction.

8 An ytterbium-based optical clock exhibits a precision of nearly one part per quintillion.

7 An innovative technique based on scanning tunnelling probes with integrated thermocouples is developed and used to measure heat dissipation in the electrodes of atomic and molecular junctions.

6 An experimental study of certain short-lived isotopes of radon and radium has found clear octupole deformation in the nuclei of the latter — that is, these nuclei are pear-shaped; the results enable discrimination between differing theoretical approaches to octupole correlations.

5 Three-dimensional imaging of dislocations in a nanoparticle at atomic resolution.

4 ‘Blue energy’ from ion adsorption and electrode charging in sea and river water.

3 Simulation of electronic structure Hamiltonians using quantum computers.


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