Molecular Physics

31 Giant piezoelectricity can be induced in centrosymmetric oxides by controlling the long-range motion of oxygen vacancies.

30 A graphene-based Josephson junction device is designed to detect single infrared photons.

29 Laser cooling of antihydrogen atoms.

28 Control of long-distance motion of single molecules on a surface.

27 A new model more accurately predicts the charging time of real supercapacitors by better accounting for the structure of the device’s porous electrodes.

26 Direct Measurements of Collisional Dynamics in Cold Atom Triads.

25 The emergence of a liquid-like electronic flow from ballistic flow in graphene is imaged, and an almost-ideal viscous hydrodynamic fluid of electrons exhibiting a parabolic Poiseuille flow profile is observed.

24 Photoemission and scanning tunneling spectroscopies provide direct evidence for the existence of magnetic Weyl semimetals.

23 Quantum gas microscopy of Rydberg macrodimers.

22 High-temperature superconductivity using a model of hydrogen bonds.

21 Experimental discovery of nodal chains.

20 Molecular hydrogen becomes an atomic metal between 465 and 495 gigapascals at low temperature.

19 Single-atom imaging of fermions in a quantum-gas microscope.

18 Designing frequency-dependent relaxation rates and Lamb shifts for a giant artificial atom.

17 The theory of pattern formation on directed networks.

16 Tribonucleation of bubbles.

15 High-precision measurement of the atomic mass of the electron.

14 In the search for stable and accurate atomic clocks, many-atom lattice clocks have shown higher precision than clocks based on single trapped ions, but have been less accurate; here, a stable many-atom clock is demonstrated that has accuracy better than single-ion clocks.

13 An atom in a cavity can be used for the nondestructive detection of optical photons.

12 A scheme is demonstrated for coherently mapping the state of a single superconducting qubit onto a large number of photons.


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