975  Anti-apoptotic Protein BIRC5 Maintains Survival of HIV-1-Infected CD4+ T Cells.

974  A direct link between MITF, innate immunity, and hair graying.

973  A live vaccine rapidly protects against cholera in an infant rabbit model.

972  Disruption of TET2 promotes the therapeutic efficacy of CD19-targeted T cells.

971  Loss of esophageal SPINK7 unleashes protease activity, impairs barrier function, and induces proinflammatory responses.

970  Acute and chronic neurological consequences of early-life Zika virus infection in mice.

969  Stabilized single-injection inactivated polio vaccine elicits a strong neutralizing immune response.

968  A common antimicrobial additive increases colonic inflammation and colitis-associated colon tumorigenesis in mice.

967  Human lung and colorectal tumours contain a population of tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes that are specific for tumour-unrelated antigens and, unlike tumour-antigen-specific tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes, do not express CD39.

966  Microbial signals drive pre-leukaemic myeloproliferation in a Tet2-deficient host.

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