1167  High Glucose Intake Exacerbates Autoimmunity through Reactive-Oxygen-Species-Mediated TGF-β Cytokine Activation.

1166  An Allosteric Anti-tryptase Antibody for the Treatment of Mast Cell-Mediated Severe Asthma.

1165  A protective Zika virus E-dimer-based subunit vaccine engineered to abrogate antibody-dependent enhancement of dengue infection.

1164  Delivery of mRNA vaccines with heterocyclic lipids increases anti-tumor efficacy by STING-mediated immune cell activation.

1163  De novo mutations in mitochondrial DNA of iPSCs produce immunogenic neoepitopes in mice and humans.

1162  A circadian clock is essential for homeostasis of group 3 innate lymphoid cells in the gut.

1161  Circadian rhythm–dependent and circadian rhythm–independent impacts of the molecular clock on type 3 innate lymphoid cells.

1160  CD8+ T cells that are primed by hepatocytes differentiate into dysfunctional T cells, which can be rescued by treatment with IL-2.

1159  Mast cells are critical for controlling the bacterial burden and the healing of infected wounds.

1158  Treatment of type 2 diabetes with the designer cytokine IC7Fc.

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