1410  Dendritic cells direct circadian anti-tumour immune responses.

1409  Intranasal delivery of full-length anti-Nogo-A antibody: A potential alternative route for therapeutic antibodies to central nervous system targets.

1408  Past history of obesity triggers persistent epigenetic changes in innate immunity and exacerbates neuroinflammation.

1407  Identification of a unique subset of tissue-resident memory CD4+ T cells in Crohn’s disease.

1406  IL-2 delivery by engineered mesenchymal stem cells re-invigorates CD8+ T cells to overcome immunotherapy resistance in cancer.

1405  Intranasal pediatric parainfluenza virus-vectored SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is protective in monkeys.

1404  Synthetic cytokine circuits that drive T cells into immune-excluded tumors.

1403  A single-shot ChAd3-MARV vaccine confers rapid and durable protection against Marburg virus in nonhuman primates.

1402  A polyvalent multiepitope protein cross-protects against Vibrio cholerae infection in rabbit colonization and passive protection models.

1401  Structural principles of B cell antigen receptor assembly.

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