1306  Nanobody cocktails potently neutralize SARS-CoV-2 D614G N501Y variant and protect mice.

1305  Intranasal vaccination with influenza HA/GO-PEI nanoparticles provides immune protection against homo- and heterologous strains.

1304  CAR directs T cell adaptation to bile acids in the small intestine.

1303  CD4+ T cells require Ikaros to inhibit their differentiation toward a pathogenic cell fate.

1302  Nonpeptidergic neurons suppress mast cells via glutamate to maintain skin homeostasis.

1301  Brain injury instructs bone marrow cellular lineage destination to reduce neuroinflammation.

1300  Immune cells fold and damage fungal hyphae.

1299  A TRPA1 inhibitor suppresses neurogenic inflammation and airway contraction for asthma treatment.

1298  Plasmodium falciparum–specific IgM B cells dominate in children, expand with malaria, and produce functional IgM.

1297  αβγδ T cells play a vital role in fetal human skin development and immunity.

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