1087  A CD40L-targeting protein reduces autoantibodies and improves disease activity in patients with autoimmunity.

1086  Cleaved Cochlin Sequesters Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Activates Innate Immunity in the Inner Ear.

1085  Slamming the brakes on lupus with CAR T cells.

1084  How C-terminal additions to insulin B-chain fragments create superagonists for T cells in mouse and human type 1 diabetes.

1083  Modulation of asymmetric cell division as a mechanism to boost CD8+ T cell memory.

1082  A NIK–SIX signalling axis controls inflammation by targeted silencing of non-canonical NF-κB.

1081  Pathogen-associated proteosomal degradation is detected by innate immune sensor NLRP1B.

1080  Gene activation precedes DNA demethylation in response to infection in human dendritic cells.

1079  Development of highly potent glucocorticoids for steroid-resistant severe asthma.

1078  Dengue Virus Immunity Increases Zika Virus-Induced Damage during Pregnancy.

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