1229  Blood factors transfer beneficial effects of exercise on neurogenesis and cognition to the aged brain.

1228  Human antibodies neutralize enterovirus D68 and protect against infection and paralytic disease.

1227  Identification of human CD4+ T cell populations with distinct antitumor activity.

1226  Tumor-targeted CD28 bispecific antibodies enhance the antitumor efficacy of PD-1 immunotherapy.

1225  Deciphering human macrophage development at single-cell resolution.

1224  Myeloid ALX/FPR2 regulates vascularization following tissue injury.

1223  Mitochondrial stress in immunological T cells induces the symptoms of systemic aging.

1222  Restoring glucose uptake rescues neutrophil dysfunction and protects against systemic fungal infection in mouse models of kidney disease.

1221  Semisynthesis of an evasin from tick saliva reveals a critical role of tyrosine sulfation for chemokine binding and inhibition.

1220  Gene editing to induce FOXP3 expression in human CD4+ T cells leads to a stable regulatory phenotype and function.

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