1375  PIEZO1 transduces mechanical itch in mice.

1374  A vaccine targeting resistant tumours by dual T cell plus NK cell attack.

1373  Immune checkpoint inhibitors unleash pathogenic immune responses against the microbiota.

1372  Sialic acids on B cells are crucial for their survival and provide protection against apoptosis.

1371  Mapping the developing human immune system across organs.

1370  An immune cell atlas of human innate and adaptive immune cells across lymphoid, mucosal, and exocrine sites reveals tissue-specific compositions and features.

1369  Enhancement of Regnase-1 expression with stem loop–targeting antisense oligonucleotides alleviates inflammatory diseases.

1368  Spherical nucleic acids as an infectious disease vaccine platform.

1367  T cell receptors engineered to engage in catch bonds with target antigens show specific activation without cross-reactivity.

1366  Proinflammatory CD20+ T cells contribute to CNS-directed autoimmunity.

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