1130  Engineered zinc finger nucleases achieve 98% knockout of a target gene in human T cells without detectable off-target activity.

1129  Treating murine inflammatory diseases with an anti-erythrocyte antibody.

1128  Imaging-assisted nanoimmunotherapy for atherosclerosis in multiple species.

1127  Long noncoding RNAs are involved in multiple immunological pathways in response to vaccination.

1126  TCR–pMHC kinetics under force in a cell-free system show no intrinsic catch bond, but a minimal encounter duration before binding.

1125  Gab3 is required for IL-2– and IL-15–induced NK cell expansion and limits trophoblast invasion during pregnancy.

1124  Nuclear hnRNPA2B1 initiates and amplifies the innate immune response to DNA viruses.

1123  CD24 signalling through macrophage Siglec-10 is a target for cancer immunotherapy.

1122  Human immunogenicity data confirms that a designed respiratory syncytial virus antigen elicits effective neutralizing antibodies.

1121  T cell–mediated regulation of the microbiota protects against obesity.

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