258  Oxytocin regulates body composition.

257  N-acyl taurines are endogenous lipid messengers that improve glucose homeostasis.

256  Vitamin D binding protein is required to utilize skin-generated vitamin D.

255  The immunometabolite itaconate inhibits a key enzyme in Mycobacterium tuberculosis lipid metabolism.

254  The gut microbiome regulates host glucose homeostasis via peripheral serotonin.

253  The hormone GDF15 promotes tolerance and survival during conditions of infection and sepsis by modulating systemic levels of plasma triglycerides.

252  Dietary methionine influences therapy in mouse cancer models and alters human metabolism.

251  BCL-2 family protein BOK is a positive regulator of uridine metabolism in mammals.

250  Lowering of ceramide improves diabetes.

249  Genetic, pharmacological and metabolomics experiments reveal that the malate–aspartate shuttle and mitochondrial citrate export support the differentiation of mouse T helper 1 cells, whereas succinate dehydrogenase enforces their terminal effector function.

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