270  A eukaryotic histone complex can package DNA but is also a cupric reductase that provides biousable Cu1+ for the cell.

269  A continuous reaction network that produces RNA precursors.

268  A Nutrient-Sensing Transition at Birth Triggers Glucose-Responsive Insulin Secretion.

267  Microbiota-derived butyrate dynamically regulates intestinal homeostasis through regulation of actin-associated protein synaptopodin.

266  Structural venomics reveals evolution of a complex venom by duplication and diversification of an ancient peptide-encoding gene.

265  The structure of helical lipoprotein lipase reveals an unexpected twist in lipase storage.

264  Natural photosynthetic components power a synthetic CO2 fixation pathway in picoliter droplets.

263  De novo design of protein logic gates.

262  Retinol-binding protein 2 (RBP2) binds monoacylglycerols and modulates gut endocrine signaling and body weight.

261  Multiplexed single-molecule enzyme activity analysis for counting disease-related proteins in biological samples.

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