21 Why grit requires perseverance and passion to positively predict performance.

20 Is There Really a Beauty Premium or an Ugliness Penalty on Earnings?

19 On-demand high-capacity ride-sharing via dynamic trip-vehicle assignment.

18 Life After Business Failure: The Process and Consequences of Business Failure for Entrepreneurs.

17 Someone to Look Up To: Executive–Follower Ethical Reasoning and Perceptions of Ethical Leadership.

16 Translating Team Creativity to Innovation Implementation: The Role of Team Composition and Climate for Innovation.

15 Managerial Mystique: Magical Thinking in Judgments of Managers’ Vision, Charisma, and Magnetism.

14 How Firms Capture Value From Their Innovations.

13 Organizational Decline and Turnaround: A Review and Agenda for Future Research.

12 Destructive Leadership: A Theoretical Review, Integration, and Future Research Agenda.

11 Advancing Our Understanding of Team Motivation.

10 Using Market Basket Analysis in Management Research.

9 Trust Primacy:A Model of the Reciprocal Relations Between Trust and Perceived Justice.

8 How Lead Founder Personality Affects New Venture Performance.

7 Leadership is associated with lower levels of stress.

6 Shared Authentic Leadership and New Venture Performance.

5 How Human Capital Endowments Shape Market Opportunity Identification of Technology Start-Ups.

4 Immigrant Entrepreneurs, the Ethnic Enclave Strategy, and Venture Performance.

3 Servant Leadership: A Review and Synthesis

2 Formal Mentoring Programs: A Mentor-Centric and Longitudinal Analysis.


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