434  An enzymatic pathway in the human gut microbiome that converts A to universal O type blood.

433  Quick liquid packaging: Encasing water silhouettes by three-dimensional polymer membranes.

432  Lentiviral vectors with high surface content of CD47 improved gene transfer efficiency to hepatocytes in nonhuman primates.

431  Influenza A virus mimetic nanoparticles trigger selective cell uptake.

430  Engineered immune cells as highly sensitive cancer diagnostics.

429  Nonviral ultrasound-mediated gene delivery in small and large animal models.

428  Analytical and clinical validation of a microbial cell-free DNA sequencing test for infectious disease.

427  Artificial photosynthetic cell producing energy for protein synthesis.

426  An RNA sequencing technique is developed that can measure genome-wide gene expression in complex tissues at 10-micrometer resolution.

425  Paper-based microfluidics for DNA diagnostics of malaria in low resource underserved rural communities.

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