429  Nonviral ultrasound-mediated gene delivery in small and large animal models.

428  Analytical and clinical validation of a microbial cell-free DNA sequencing test for infectious disease.

427  Artificial photosynthetic cell producing energy for protein synthesis.

426  An RNA sequencing technique is developed that can measure genome-wide gene expression in complex tissues at 10-micrometer resolution.

425  Paper-based microfluidics for DNA diagnostics of malaria in low resource underserved rural communities.

424  Inhaled Nanoformulated mRNA Polyplexes for Protein Production in Lung Epithelium.

423  Quantitative zeptomolar imaging of miRNA cancer markers with nanoparticle assemblies.

422  High-throughput Raman flow cytometry is developed to rapidly probe molecular fingerprints of numerous cells without labels.

421  Spatial control of in vivo CRISPR–Cas9 genome editing via nanomagnets.

420  Engineering the protein secretory pathway of Saccharomyces cerevisiae enables improved protein production.

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