443  Engineered zinc finger nucleases achieve 98% knockout of a target gene in human T cells without detectable off-target activity.

442  A divalent siRNA architecture enables sustained silencing of gene expression in deep regions of the brain.

441  Encapsulation of Plasmid DNA by Nanoscale Metal–Organic Frameworks for Efficient Gene Transportation and Expression.

440  RNA-guided DNA insertion with CRISPR-associated transposases.

439  Programmable bacteria induce durable tumor regression and systemic antitumor immunity.

438  Direct delivery of adenoviral CRISPR/Cas9 vector into the blastoderm for generation of targeted gene knockout in quail.

437  An automated Raman-based platform for the sorting of live cells by functional properties.

436  Increasing the accuracy of nanopore DNA sequencing using a time-varying cross membrane voltage.

435  Increasing the specificity of CRISPR systems with engineered RNA secondary structures.

434  An enzymatic pathway in the human gut microbiome that converts A to universal O type blood.

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