Stem Cell Biology


528  Programming multicellular assembly with synthetic cell adhesion molecules.

527  Muscle injury causes long-term changes in stem-cell DNA methylation.

526  The ability to perform karyotype engineering in laboratory mice has been developed using haploid stem cells and gene editing.

525  Post-Gastrulation Synthetic Embryos Generated Ex Utero from Mouse Naïve ESCs.

524  Retrograde movements determine effective stem cell numbers in the intestine.

523  Induction of human trophoblast stem-like cells from primed pluripotent stem cells.

522  Chemical reprogramming of human somatic cells to pluripotent stem cells.

521  Establishment of mouse stem cells that can recapitulate the developmental potential of primitive endoderm.

520  Injectable amnion hydrogel-mediated delivery of adipose-derived stem cells for osteoarthritis treatment.

519  Synthetic stem cell niches promote highly stereotyped mouse intestinal organoid development.

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