320 Stacks of graphene up to seven layers thick show a strong dependence of the critical temperature on the number of layers.

319 Nanoporous Metallic Networks: Fabrication, Optical Properties, and Applications.

318 Efficient terahertz harmonic generation—challenging but important for ultrahigh-speed optoelectronic technologies—is demonstrated in graphene through a nonlinear process that could potentially be generalized to other materials.

317 Dirac electrons in a dodecagonal graphene quasicrystal.

316 Engineering of robust topological quantum phases in graphene nanoribbons.

315 On‐Chip Spiral Waveguides for Ultrasensitive and Rapid Detection of Nanoscale Objects.

314 Waste heat can be converted to electricity more efficiently using one-dimensional nanoscale materials as thin as an atom.

313 Tunable intraparticle frameworks for creating complex heterostructured nanoparticle libraries.

312 A bio-hybrid DNA rotor–stator nanoengine that moves along predefined tracks.

311 Carbothermal shock synthesis of high-entropy-alloy nanoparticles.

310 Individual Ni atoms catalyzing the growth of a graphene flake along its edges were imaged on the millisecond time scale.

309 A self-assembled nanoscale robotic arm controlled by electric fields.

308 Graphene-based bimorphs for micron-sized, autonomous origami machines.

307 Bright triplet excitons in caesium lead halide perovskites.

306 Synthesis of ultrasmall, homogeneously alloyed, bimetallic nanoparticles on silica supports.

305 Single-stranded DNA and RNA origami.

304 A scanning nanoscale thermometer reveals the mechanism for energy dissipation in ultrapure samples of graphene.

303 Three-dimensional controlled growth of monodisperse sub-50 nm heterogeneous nanocrystals.

302 Nanopore extended field-effect transistor for selective single-molecule biosensing.

301 Biphasic Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Ferric Ions and Tannic Acid across Interfaces for Nanofilm Formation.


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