36 Orion SrcI's Disk Is Salty.

35 Formation of massive black holes in rapidly growing pre-galactic gas cloud.

34 An intuitive 3D map of the Galactic warp’s precession traced by classical Cepheids.

33 X-ray observations of the evolution of a black-hole transient suggest a shrinkage of its corona, rather than a change in the inner edge of the accretion disk.

32 An experiment to search for dark-matter interactions using sodium iodide detectors.

31 Intergalactic gamma rays are used to determine the star formation history of the Universe.

30 A galaxy lacking dark matter.

29 Possible interaction between baryons and dark-matter particles revealed by the first stars.

28 A whirling plane of satellite galaxies around Centaurus A challenges cold dark matter cosmology.

27 Galaxy growth in a massive halo in the first billion years of cosmic history.

26 Buildup of a highly twisted magnetic flux rope during a solar eruption.

25 Mapping spiral structure on the far side of the Milky Way.

24 Potassium sulfate forms a spiral structure when dissolved in solution.

23 The local spiral structure of the Milky Way.

22 Solar-type dynamo behaviour in fully convective stars without a tachocline.

21 Radio observations probe beneath the clouds of Jupiter’s atmosphere.

20 Origin of the p-process radionuclides 92Nb and 146Sm in the early solar system and inferences on the birth of the Sun.

19 A supermassive black hole feeding on a star launches a transient relativistic jet.

18 Asteroseismology can reveal strong internal magnetic fields in red giant stars.

17 Using the transit of Venus to probe the upper planetary atmosphere.


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