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89 Bone-Adhesive Anisotropic Tough Hydrogel Mimicking Tendon Enthesis.

88 A specialized metabolic pathway partitions citrate in hydroxyapatite to impact mineralization of bones and teeth.

87 Minimally invasive, sustained-release relaxin-2 microparticles reverse arthrofibrosis.

86 A self-powered implantable and bioresorbable electrostimulation device for biofeedback bone fracture healing.

85 Paroxetine-mediated GRK2 inhibition is a disease-modifying treatment for osteoarthritis.

84 Mechanically superior matrices promote osteointegration and regeneration of anterior cruciate ligament tissue in rabbits.

83 In situ bone regeneration of large cranial defects using synthetic ceramic implants with a tailored composition and design.

82 Mohawk is a transcription factor that promotes meniscus cell phenotype and tissue repair and reduces osteoarthritis severity.

81 ROR2 blockade improves the functional and structural outcomes of osteoarthritis in preclinical animal models by inhibiting YAP signaling.

80 Agrin heals joint surfaces by recruiting joint stem cells and inducing the formation of cartilage and bone with correct architecture in mice and sheep.

79 Regenerative peripheral nerve interfaces show promise to improve prosthetic rehabilitation in people with upper limb loss.

78 JAK inhibition increases bone mass in steady-state conditions and ameliorates pathological bone loss by stimulating osteoblast function.

77 Oxytocin regulates body composition.

76 Results of a 6-week treatment with 10 mg prednisolone in patients with hand osteoarthritis (HOPE).

75 Study shows the repair of enamel via a biomimetic growth frontier that is constructed from calcium phosphate ion clusters.

74 Locally renewing resident synovial macrophages provide a protective barrier for the joint.

73 Prominent exostosis projecting from the occipital squama more substantial and prevalent in young adult than older age groups.

72 A BMP/activin A chimera is superior to native BMPs and induces bone repair in nonhuman primates when delivered in a composite matrix.

71 Biomaterials-aided mandibular reconstruction using in vivo bioreactors.

70 Oral versus Intravenous Antibiotics for Bone and Joint Infection.

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