409  A genome-wide association study of same-sex sexual behavior identifies loci associated with human sexual orientation.

408  Programmed chromosome fission and fusion enable precise large-scale genome rearrangement and assembly.

407  Enhancing gene editing specificity by attenuating DNA cleavage kinetics.

406  The genome of Peromyscus leucopus, natural host for Lyme disease and other emerging infections.

405  Telomere shortening rate predicts species life span.

404  Noncoding deletions reveal a gene that is critical for intestinal function.

403  Large-scale ruminant genome sequencing provides insights into their evolution and distinct traits.

402   Genetic basis of ruminant headgear and rapid antler regeneration.

401  A genome-wide polygenic score quantifies inherited susceptibility to obesity, integrating information from 2.1 million common genetic variants to identify adults at risk of severe obesity.

400  Human Gain-of-Function MC4R Variants Show Signaling Bias and Protect against Obesity.

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