66 Climatic constraints on the biogeographic history of Mesozoic dinosaurs.

65 Earliest evidence of herd-living and age segregation amongst dinosaurs.

64 Possible poriferan body fossils in early Neoproterozoic microbial reefs.

63 Chicxulub impact tsunami megaripples in the subsurface of Louisiana: Imaged in petroleum industry seismic data.

62 Natural Frequency Method: estimating the preferred walking speed of Tyrannosaurus rex based on tail natural frequency.

61 Absolute abundance and preservation rate of Tyrannosaurus rex.

60 Tail-propelled aquatic locomotion in a theropod dinosaur.

59 Middle Jurassic tracks of sauropod dinosaurs in a deep karst cave in France.

58 Oculudentavis khaungraae—a newly discovered theropod from the Cretaceous period of Myanmar—reveals a previously unknown bauplan and ecology associated with miniaturization, highlighting the potential for recovering small-bodied vertebrates from amber deposits.

57 The extraordinary osteology and functional morphology of the limbs in Palorchestidae, a family of strange extinct marsupial giants.

56 Pheomelanin pigment remnants mapped in fossils of an extinct mammal.

55 Reverse-engineering the locomotion of a stem amniote.

54 Evidence for the Cretaceous shark Cretoxyrhina mantelli feeding on the pterosaur Pteranodon from the Niobrara Formation.

53 Ancient steroids establish the Ediacaran fossil Dickinsonia as one of the earliest animals.

52 Testosterone in ancient hair from an extinct species.

51 Testosterone in ancient hair from an extinct species.

50 Sediment‐encased maturation: a novel method for simulating diagenesis in organic fossil preservation.

49 The rise of algae in Cryogenian oceans and the emergence of animals.

48 T. rex skin suggest it was covered in scales—not feathers.

47 Fossil and genomic evidence constrains the timing of bison arrival in North America.


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