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297 Modular multi-degree-of-freedom soft origami robots with reprogrammable electrothermal actuation

296 Powerful UAV manipulation via bioinspired self-adaptive soft self-contained gripper

295 Dexterous helical magnetic robot for improved endovascular access

294 Elastic energy-recycling actuators for efficient robots

293 3D-printed digital pneumatic logic for the control of soft robotic actuators

292 Ultralight, strong, and self-reprogrammable mechanical metamaterials

291 A growing soft robot with climbing plant–inspired adaptive behaviors for navigation in unstructured environments

290 Mechanical intelligence simplifies control in terrestrial limbless locomotion

289 A highly integrated bionic hand with neural control and feedback for use in daily life

288 Neuromorphic sequence learning with an event camera on routes through vegetation

287 Solar-powered shape-changing origami microfliers

286 Autonomous medical needle steering in vivo

285 Powerful, soft combustion actuators for insect-scale robots.

284 Reaching the limit in autonomous racing: Optimal control versus reinforcement learning.

283 Soft robot–mediated autonomous adaptation to fibrotic capsule formation for improved drug delivery.

282 Increasing the payload capacity of soft robot arms by localized stiffening.

281 Fluidic pumps are fabricated in a fiber format and enable highly integrated, wearable soft robotics.

280 A biodegradable materials system that enables the development of high-performance yet sustainable soft electrostatic actuators.

279 Caterpillar-inspired soft crawling robot with distributed programmable thermal actuation.

278 Dense reinforcement learning for safety validation of autonomous vehicles.

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