91 A hierarchically patterned, bioinspired e-skin able to detect the direction of applied pressure for robotics.

90 Forceful manipulation with micro air vehicles.

89 Robotic ecology: Tracking small dynamic animals with an autonomous aerial vehicle.

88 An origami-inspired rotary protective system improved the crash robustness of robotic rotorcraft.

87 Electrowetting microhydraulic actuators demonstrated high power density and efficiency and improved when scaled to smaller dimensions.

86 A skin-inspired tactile sensor achieved transduction of digital-frequency signals by an inductance-capacitance oscillation mechanism.

85 Design of a multi-agent, fiber composite digital fabrication system.

84 OmniSkins: Robotic skins that turn inanimate objects into multifunctional robots.

83 A tailless aerial robotic flapper reveals that flies use torque coupling in rapid banked turns.

82 Improving social skills in children with ASD using a long-term, in-home social robot.

81 A highly sensitive, self-powered triboelectric auditory sensor for social robotics and hearing aids.

80 Rotary-actuated folding polyhedrons for midwater investigation of delicate marine organisms.

79 Optimized flocking of autonomous drones in confined environments.

78 BMI control of a third arm for multitasking.

77 A robot instructed by a machine learning algorithm and coupled with real-time spectroscopic systems provides fast and accurate reaction outcome predictions and reactivity assessments, leading to the discovery of new reactions.

76 Prosthesis with neuromorphic multilayered e-dermis perceives touch and pain.

75 Electronic skins for soft, compact, reversible assembly of wirelessly activated fully soft robots.

74 Biohybrid robot powered by an antagonistic pair of skeletal muscle tissues.

73 Harnessing bistability for directional propulsion of soft, untethered robots.

72 Translucent soft robots driven by frameless fluid electrode dielectric elastomer actuators.

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