255 Untethered small-scale magnetic soft robot with programmable magnetization and integrated multifunctional modules.

254 Agilicious: Open-source and open-hardware agile quadrotor for vision-based flight.

253 Insect-inspired AI for autonomous robots.

252 A bioinspired revolving-wing drone with passive attitude stability and efficient hovering flight.

251 Neuromorphic computing chip with spatiotemporal elasticity for multi-intelligent-tasking robots.

250 Artificial neuromorphic cognitive skins based on distributed biaxially stretchable elastomeric synaptic transistors.

249 Printed synaptic transistor–based electronic skin for robots to feel and learn.

248 Haptic perception using optoelectronic robotic flesh for embodied artificially intelligent agents.

247 Twisting for soft intelligent autonomous robot in unstructured environments.

246 Wireless soft millirobots for climbing three-dimensional surfaces in confined spaces.

245 All-printed soft human-machine interface for robotic physicochemical sensing.

244 Printed synaptic transistor–based electronic skin for robots to feel and learn.

243 Aerial-aquatic robots capable of crossing the air-water boundary and hitchhiking on surfaces.

242 Swarm of micro flying robots in the wild.

241 A Self-Powered Dual-Type Signal Vector Sensor for Smart Robotics and Automatic Vehicles.

240 Learning garment manipulation policies toward robot-assisted dressing.

239 BirdBot achieves energy-efficient gait with minimal control using avian-inspired leg clutching.

238 Surface haptic rendering of virtual shapes through change in surface temperature.

237 An autonomously swimming biohybrid fish designed with human cardiac biophysics.

236 Shape morphing mechanical metamaterials through reversible plasticity.

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