186 Multidrone aerial surveys of penguin colonies in Antarctica.

185 Bioinspired wing and tail morphing extends drone flight capabilities.

184 A memristor-based hybrid analog-digital computing platform for mobile robotics.

183 Learning quadrupedal locomotion over challenging terrain.

182 Near–hysteresis-free soft tactile electronic skins for wearables and reliable machine learning.

181 Large insects exploit a passive flight stabilization mechanism due to their high-frequency flapping.

180 Untethered control of functional origami microrobots with distributed actuation.

179 The Hannes hand prosthesis replicates the key biological properties of the human hand.

178 3D-printed programmable tensegrity for soft robotics.

177 A new class of voltage-controllable electrochemical actuators that are compatible with silicon processing are used to produce over one million sub-hundred-micrometre walking robots on a single four-inch wafer.

176 Biomorphic structural batteries for robotics.

175 An 88-milligram insect-scale autonomous crawling robot driven by a catalytic artificial muscle.

174 Efficient flapping wing drone arrests high-speed flight using post-stall soaring.

173 An artificial aquatic polyp that wirelessly attracts, grasps, and releases objects.

172 A mechanically steerable vision system that imitates insect head motion can be mounted on insects and small robots.

171 Ionic spiderwebs emulate the capturing strategies of a spider with a single pair of threads based on electrostatics.

170 Enzyme-powered Janus platelet cell robots for active and targeted drug delivery.

169 Automatic tracking of free-flying insects using a cable-driven robot.

168 Isochoric snapping of elastomeric spherical caps enables fast actuation in fluidic soft robots.

167 Multifunctional surface microrollers for targeted cargo delivery in physiological blood flow.

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