194 Implicit coordination for 3D underwater collective behaviors in a fish-inspired robot swarm.

193 Heterogeneous sensing in a multifunctional soft sensor for human-robot interfaces.

192 Skin-inspired quadruple tactile sensors integrated on a robot hand enable object recognition.

191 Multi-expert learning of adaptive legged locomotion.

190 Multi-expert learning of adaptive legged locomotion.

189 Mechanisms of collision recovery in flying beetles and flapping-wing robots.

188 Mobile robotic platforms for the acoustic tracking of deep-sea demersal fishery resources.

187 An agglutinate magnetic spray transforms inanimate objects into millirobots for biomedical applications.

186 Multidrone aerial surveys of penguin colonies in Antarctica.

185 Bioinspired wing and tail morphing extends drone flight capabilities.

184 A memristor-based hybrid analog-digital computing platform for mobile robotics.

183 Learning quadrupedal locomotion over challenging terrain.

182 Near–hysteresis-free soft tactile electronic skins for wearables and reliable machine learning.

181 Large insects exploit a passive flight stabilization mechanism due to their high-frequency flapping.

180 Untethered control of functional origami microrobots with distributed actuation.

179 The Hannes hand prosthesis replicates the key biological properties of the human hand.

178 3D-printed programmable tensegrity for soft robotics.

177 A new class of voltage-controllable electrochemical actuators that are compatible with silicon processing are used to produce over one million sub-hundred-micrometre walking robots on a single four-inch wafer.

176 Biomorphic structural batteries for robotics.

175 An 88-milligram insect-scale autonomous crawling robot driven by a catalytic artificial muscle.

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