165 A biomimetic eye with a hemispherical perovskite nanowire array retina.

164 Material remodeling and unconventional gaits facilitate locomotion of a robophysical rover over granular terrain.

163 Bioinspired underwater legged robot for seabed exploration with low environmental disturbance.

162 Aerodynamic imaging by mosquitoes inspires a surface detector for autonomous flying vehicles.

161 A flexible and fully biofuel-powered electronic skin enables continuous, multiplexed, and multimodal wireless sensing.

160 Controlled volumetric expansion using magnetic induction enables actuation of pneumatic artificial muscles without valves or pumps.

159 Ladybird beetle–inspired compliant origami.

158 Optimized assistance from powered ankle exoskeletons reduces energy cost during running, whereas spring-like assistance is ineffective.

157 Bioinspired underwater locomotion of light-driven liquid crystal gels.

156 A ferrobotic system for automated microfluidic logistics.

155 Acoustically powered surface-slipping mobile microrobots.

154 Autonomic perspiration in 3D-printed hydrogel actuators.

153 Bioinspired sonar reflectors as guiding beacons for autonomous navigation.

152 Using the fringe field of a clinical MRI scanner enables robotic navigation of tethered instruments in deeper vascular regions.

151 Soft biohybrid morphing wings with feathers underactuated by wrist and finger motion.

150 The frequency of cortical microstimulation shapes artificial touch.

149 Nanomagnetic encoding of shape-morphing micromachines.

148 A bilateral teleoperation system facilitates locomotion synchronization of a human operator and a small bipedal robot.

147 A robot was programmed to progressively learn appropriate social autonomous behavior from in situ human demonstrations and guidance.

146 A minimal navigation solution is presented for swarms of tiny flying robots to explore unknown, GPS-denied environments.

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