76 Prosthesis with neuromorphic multilayered e-dermis perceives touch and pain.

75 Electronic skins for soft, compact, reversible assembly of wirelessly activated fully soft robots.

74 Biohybrid robot powered by an antagonistic pair of skeletal muscle tissues.

73 Harnessing bistability for directional propulsion of soft, untethered robots.

72 Translucent soft robots driven by frameless fluid electrode dielectric elastomer actuators.

71 Soft erythrocyte-based bacterial microswimmers for cargo delivery.

70 Soft Ultrathin Electronics Innervated Adaptive Fully Soft Robots.

69 An origami-inspired, self-locking robotic arm that can be folded flat.

68 Exploration of underwater life with an acoustically controlled soft robotic fish.

67 Kirigami skins make a simple soft actuator crawl.

66 A tiny soft-bodied robot is described that can be magnetically actuated to swim, climb, roll, walk and jump, while carrying a load.

65 Programming a shape memory polymer network with thermo- and photo-reversible bonds toward a single-component soft robot.

64 A self-assembled nanoscale robotic arm controlled by electric fields.

63 Hydraulically amplified self-healing electrostatic actuators with muscle-like performance.

62 Soft robotic ventricular assist device with septal bracing for therapy of heart failure.

61 A biologically inspired, flapping-wing, hybrid aerial-aquatic microrobot.

60 A cargo-sorting DNA robot.

59 Self-healing soft pneumatic robots.

58 Robot-driven downward pelvic pull to improve crouch gait in children with cerebral palsy.

57 A soft robot that navigates its environment through growth.

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