232 From grasping to manipulation with gecko-inspired adhesives on a multifinger gripper.

231 Light-powered soft steam engines for self-adaptive oscillation and biomimetic swimming.

230 Bird-inspired dynamic grasping and perching in arboreal environments.

229 Bubble casting soft robotics.

228 Robotic end-to-end fusion of microtubules powered by kinesin.

227 Abyssal Benthic Rover, an autonomous vehicle for long-term monitoring of deep-ocean processes.

226 Magneto-Responsive Microneedle Robots for Intestinal Macromolecule Delivery.

225 Multimodal sensing and intuitive steering assistance improve navigation and mobility for people with impaired vision.

224 A bipedal walking robot that can fly, slackline, and skateboard.

223 Stretchable origami robotic arm with omnidirectional bending and twisting.

222 Emergence of robust self-organized undulatory swimming based on local hydrodynamic force sensing.

221 Tuna-like robots can swim more efficiently over a wide range of speeds by leveraging tunable tail stiffness.

220 Biomimetic chameleon soft robot with artificial crypsis and disruptive coloration skin.

219 Self-reconfigurable multilegged robot swarms collectively accomplish challenging terradynamic tasks.

218 From collections of independent, mindless robots to flexible, mobile, and directional superstructures.

217 Fully 3D-printed soft robots with integrated fluidic circuitry.

216 Complex manipulation with a simple robotic hand through contact breaking and caging.

215 Manipulation for self-Identification, and self-Identification for better manipulation.

214 Robotic hand augmentation drives changes in neural body representation.

213 Grasping with kirigami shells.

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