Plant Science


701  Cuscuta australis (dodder) parasite eavesdrops on the host plants’ FT signals to flower.

700  Unrelated effector proteins from viral and bacterial pathogens infecting plants co-opt an endogenous pathway to dynamically translocate from the plasma membrane to chloroplasts in the host cell and suppress salicylic-acid-dependent plant defence responses.

699  A prion-like domain in ELF3 functions as a thermosensor in Arabidopsis.

698  The calcium-permeable channel OSCA1.3 regulates plant stomatal immunity.

697  Plants retain and accumulate silicon when soil reserves are depleted, thereby sustaining silicon cycling.

696  Antagonistic regulation of the gibberellic acid response during stem growth in rice.

695  Temperature-dependent growth contributes to long-term cold sensing.

694  A plant DNA virus replicates in the salivary glands of its insect vector via recruitment of host DNA synthesis machinery.

693  Jasmonate Signaling Enhances RNA Silencing and Antiviral Defense in Rice.

692  Major Impacts of Widespread Structural Variation on Gene Expression and Crop Improvement in Tomato.

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