Plant Science


580  A microRNA made in the shoot regulates microbial nodulation in Lotus roots.

579  Identification of cell populations necessary for leaf-to-leaf electrical signaling in a wounded plant.

578  Rapid improvement of domestication traits in an orphan crop by genome editing.

577  Domestication of wild tomato is accelerated by genome editing.

576  De novo domestication of wild tomato using genome editing.

575  Stepwise and independent origins of roots among land plants.

574  Glutamate triggers long-distance, calcium-based plant defense signaling.

573  A single transcription factor promotes both yield and immunity in rice.

572  The balance of DELLA and GRF4 proteins in plants ensures the co-regulation of growth with metabolism and tipping this balance towards GRF4 leads to higher efficiency of nitrogen use.

571  The transcriptional landscape of polyploid wheat.

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