Plant Science


760  KAI2 promotes Arabidopsis root hair elongation at low external phosphate by controlling local accumulation of AUX1 and PIN2.

759  NLRs guard metabolism to coordinate pattern- and effector-triggered immunity.

758  Assembly of the Chinese Pine giga-genome reveals insights into conifer evolution and provides a resource for studies on conifer adaptation and development.

757  Cell-by-cell dissection of phloem development links a maturation gradient to cell specialization.

756  Protective role of the Arabidopsis leaf microbiota against a bacterial pathogen.

755  RNA demethylation increases the yield and biomass of rice and potato plants in field trials.

754  An endoplasmic reticulum–localized cytochrome b5 regulates high-affinity K+ transport in response to salt stress in rice.

753  Developmental genetics and computational modeling show how the grass leaf develops and evolved.

752  Tryptophan metabolism and bacterial commensals prevent fungal dysbiosis in Arabidopsis roots.

751  Defective cytokinin signaling reprograms lipid and flavonoid gene-to-metabolite networks to mitigate high salinity in Arabidopsis.

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