Plant Science


634  Plant-derived coumarins shape the composition of an Arabidopsis synthetic root microbiome.

633  Mutation of a bHLH transcription factor allowed almond domestication.

632  A Growth-Based Framework for Leaf Shape Development and Diversity.

631  Casein kinase 1 family regulates PRR5 and TOC1 in the Arabidopsis circadian clock.

630  NAC-type transcription factors regulate accumulation of starch and protein in maize seeds.

629  Hydrogel-based transparent soils for root phenotyping in vivo.

628  An apical hypoxic niche sets the pace of shoot meristem activity.

627  A specialized metabolic network selectively modulates Arabidopsis root microbiota.

626  Re-activation of Stem Cell Pathways for Pattern Restoration in Plant Wound Healing.

625  A Jasmonate Signaling Network Activates Root Stem Cells and Promotes Regeneration.

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