Plant Science


708  Vascular transcription factors guide plant epidermal responses to limiting phosphate conditions.

707  Metabolite signatures of diverse Camellia sinensis tea populations.

706  A single bacterial genus maintains root growth in a complex microbiome.

705  In plants, the direction of auxin transport is regulated through an auxin-responsive receptor complex.

704  A Bacterial Effector Protein Hijacks Plant Metabolism to Support Pathogen Nutrition.

703  Phytopathogen Effectors Use Multiple Mechanisms to Manipulate Plant Autophagy.

702  Myristate can be used as a carbon and energy source for the asymbiotic growth of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.

701  Cuscuta australis (dodder) parasite eavesdrops on the host plants’ FT signals to flower.

700  Unrelated effector proteins from viral and bacterial pathogens infecting plants co-opt an endogenous pathway to dynamically translocate from the plasma membrane to chloroplasts in the host cell and suppress salicylic-acid-dependent plant defence responses.

699  A prion-like domain in ELF3 functions as a thermosensor in Arabidopsis.

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