Plant Science


533  Transgenic Cavendish bananas with resistance to Fusarium wilt tropical race 4.

532  Identification and characterization of Sr13, a tetraploid wheat gene that confers resistance to the Ug99 stem rust race group.

531  Extensive gene tree discordance and hemiplasy shaped the genomes of North American columnar cacti.

530  Engineering sulfur storage in maize seed proteins without apparent yield loss.

529  Unique growth strategy in the Earth’s first trees revealed in silicified fossil trunks from China.

528  Tree genetics defines fungal partner communities that may confer drought tolerance.

527  Pearl millet genome sequence provides a resource to improve agronomic traits in arid environments.

526  The Apostasia genome and the evolution of orchids.

525  Identification of an insect-produced olfactory cue that primes plant defenses.

524  Global climatic drivers of leaf size.

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