Plant Science


650  A plant immune receptor enzymatically transduces pathogen recognition into cell death.

649  CsBRC1 inhibits axillary bud outgrowth by directly repressing the auxin efflux carrier CsPIN3 in cucumber.

648  Identification of key enzymes responsible for protolimonoid biosynthesis in plants: Opening the door to azadirachtin production.

647  The avocado genome informs deep angiosperm phylogeny, highlights introgressive hybridization, and reveals pathogen-influenced gene space adaptation.

646  A regulatory cascade found in teosinte, the wild relative of maize, improves agronomic characteristics of densely planted maize.

645  Plant cell-surface GIPC sphingolipids sense salt to trigger Ca2+ influx.

644  Pathogen-induced biosynthesis of salicylic acid occurs by combined enzymatic and spontaneous steps in the plant cell cytosol.

643  A calmodulin-gated calcium channel links pathogen patterns to plant immunity.

642  A rice gene that confers broad-spectrum resistance to β-triketone herbicides.

641  Trees share water to keep this dying stump alive.

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