Time-lapse of soft robotic fish (SoFi) exploring a coral reef - The Latest Science

Time-lapse of soft robotic fish (SoFi) exploring a coral reef.

Image contributed by: Robert K. Katzschmann,
Distributed Robotics Laboratory, MIT, MA, USA.


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Papers of the month: May 2018

Rewritable multi-event analog recording in bacterial and mammalian cells. Tang and Liu (2018). Science 360: eaap8992.

A bio-hybrid DNA rotor–stator nanoengine that moves along predefined tracks. Valero et al. (2018). Nature Nanotechnology. April 9.

Integrating photonics with silicon nanoelectronics for the next generation of systems on a chip. Atabaki et al. (2018). Nature 556: 349-354.

Polyamide membranes with nanoscale Turing structures for water purification. Tan et al. (2018). Science 360: 518-521.



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