The Latest Science (TLS) Tracking tau spread in vivo.

Tracking tau spread in vivo.

Image contributed by: Jennifer Rauch,
Kosik Lab, Neuroscience Research Institute,
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.

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Temperature-dependent sex determination is mediated by pSTAT3 repression of Kdm6b. Weber et al. (2020). Science 368: 303-306.

Bioinspired underwater legged robot for seabed exploration with low environmental disturbance. Picardi et al. (2020). Science Robotics 5: eaaz1012.

Preclinical validation of a repurposed metal chelator as an early-intervention therapeutic for hemotoxic snakebite. Albulescu et al. (2020). Science Translational Medicine 12: eaay8314.

T cells with dysfunctional mitochondria induce multimorbidity and premature senescence. Desdin-Mico et al. (2020). Science eaax0860.



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