Mutation affecting the hyper-acidification of vacuoles in petal epidermal cells
result in a shift of color of the flower towards blue.

Image contributed by: Francesca M. Quattrocchio,
Swammerdam Institute of Life Sciences, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Highly efficient reversible protonic ceramic electrochemical cells for power generation and fuel production. Duan et al. (2019).Nature Energy 4: 230–240. 

Direct conversion of CO and H2O into liquid fuels under mild conditions. Xu et al. (2019). Nature Communications10: 1389. 

Structural, biochemical, and functional studies show how a plant immune resistosome complex mediates cell death and disease resistance. Wang et al. (2019). Science 364: eaav5870.

A sleep-inducing gene, nemuri, links sleep and immune function in Drosophila. Toda et al. (2019). Science 363: 509-515.



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