Atmospheric Science

43 Anthropogenic influences on major tropical cyclone events.

42 Remote subsurface ocean temperature as a predictor of Atlantic hurricane activity.

41 Infection Dynamics of a Bloom-Forming Alga and Its Virus Determine Airborne Coccolith Emission from Seawater.

40 Prevalence of tornado-scale vortices in the tropical cyclone eyewall.

39 The South Asian monsoon—pollution pump and purifier.

38 A Process for Capturing CO2 from the Atmosphere.

37 Where Are the Lightning Hotspots on Earth?

36 Detection of microseisms from a severe distant storm provides a new path for seismic structure determination.

35 Emergence of healing in the Antarctic ozone layer.

34 Aviation effects on already-existing cirrus clouds.

33 Sea spray aerosol as a unique source of ice nucleating particles.

32 Rapid oxygenation of Earth’s atmosphere 2.33 billion years ago.

31 An interfacial mechanism for cloud droplet formation on organic aerosols.

30 Summer rainfall over the southwestern Tibetan Plateau controlled by deep convection over the Indian subcontinent.

29 Turbulent mixing of clouds and clear air produces specific changes in cloud droplets.

28 Relativistic electron avalanches as a thunderstorm discharge competing with lightning.

27 Most of global continental evaporation occurs from soils, not surface waters.

26 Contribution of changes in atmospheric circulation patterns to extreme temperature trends.

25 Tropical cyclone rainfall area controlled by relative sea surface temperature.

24 Climate warming should increase the incidence of lightning strikes in the United States.


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