Atmospheric Science

23 Orbital Asian summer monsoon dynamics revealed using an isotope-enabled global climate model.

22 Aridification of the Sahara desert caused by Tethys Sea shrinkage during the Late Miocene.

21 Regional rainfall decline in Australia attributed to anthropogenic greenhouse gases and ozone levels.

20 Two-stroke scooters are a dominant source of air pollution in many cities.

19 Madden–Julian Oscillation prediction skill of a new-generation global model demonstrated using a supercomputer.

18 Nitrogen isotopes in foraminifera show the role of iron fertilization on atmospheric carbon dioxide during the last ice age.

17 Global carbon dioxide emissions from inland waters.

16 In the tropics, substantially more rain falls just north of the Equator. An analysis of satellite observations, reanalysis data and model simulations suggests that the meridional ocean overturning circulation contributes significantly to the tropical rainfall peak north of the Equator.

15 Human and natural influences on the changing thermal structure of the atmosphere.

14 Molecular understanding of sulphuric acid–amine particle nucleation in the atmosphere.

13 Robust increases in severe thunderstorm environments in response to greenhouse forcing.

12 Atmospheric oxygenation three billion years ago.

11 HONO Emissions from Soil Bacteria as a Major Source of Atmospheric Reactive Nitrogen.

10 The importance of feldspar for ice nucleation by mineral dust in mixed-phase clouds.

9 Evidence for deposition of 10 million tonnes of impact spherules across four continents 12,800 y ago.

8 Dust and Biological Aerosols from the Sahara and Asia Influence Precipitation in the Western U.S.

7 Microbiome of the upper troposphere: Species composition and prevalence, effects of tropical storms, and atmospheric implications.

6 Identifying human influences on atmospheric temperature.

5 Observations of increased tropical rainfall preceded by air passage over forests.

4 Ocean barrier layers’ effect on tropical cyclone intensification.


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