66 A tiny soft-bodied robot is described that can be magnetically actuated to swim, climb, roll, walk and jump, while carrying a load.

65 Programming a shape memory polymer network with thermo- and photo-reversible bonds toward a single-component soft robot.

64 A self-assembled nanoscale robotic arm controlled by electric fields.

63 Hydraulically amplified self-healing electrostatic actuators with muscle-like performance.

62 Soft robotic ventricular assist device with septal bracing for therapy of heart failure.

61 A biologically inspired, flapping-wing, hybrid aerial-aquatic microrobot.

60 A cargo-sorting DNA robot.

59 Self-healing soft pneumatic robots.

58 Robot-driven downward pelvic pull to improve crouch gait in children with cerebral palsy.

57 A soft robot that navigates its environment through growth.

56 Addressable wireless actuation for multijoint folding robots and devices.

55 A multidirectional gravity-assist algorithm that enhances locomotor control in patients with stroke or spinal cord injury.

54 Inexpensive, small AUVs for studying ice-covered polar environments.

53 A robotic device using gecko-inspired adhesives can grasp and manipulate large objects in microgravity.

52 Toward site-specific and self-sufficient robotic fabrication on architectural scales.

51 Fast-moving soft electronic fish.

50 Blooming Knit Flowers: Loop-Linked Soft Morphing Structures for Soft Robotics.

49 Instrument flight to the inner ear.

48 Micrometer-sized molecular robot changes its shape in response to signal molecules.

47 Biomimetic temperature-sensing layer for artificial skins.


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