52 Toward site-specific and self-sufficient robotic fabrication on architectural scales.

51 Fast-moving soft electronic fish.

50 Blooming Knit Flowers: Loop-Linked Soft Morphing Structures for Soft Robotics.

49 Instrument flight to the inner ear.

48 Micrometer-sized molecular robot changes its shape in response to signal molecules.

47 Biomimetic temperature-sensing layer for artificial skins.

46 A biomimetic robotic platform to study flight specializations of bats.

45 Hydraulic hydrogel actuators and robots optically and sonically camouflaged in water.

44 Bioinspired photocontrollable microstructured transport device.

43 Automatic design of fiber-reinforced soft actuators for trajectory matching.

42 Photomotility of polymers.

41 An untethered, entirely soft robot is designed to operate autonomously by combining microfluidic logic and hydrogen peroxide as an on-board fuel supply.

40 Phototactic guidance of a tissue-engineered soft-robotic ray.

39 Electrostatic adhesion enables a robotic insect to efficiently perch on and take off from natural and artificial structures.

38 Highly stretchable electroluminescent skin for optical signaling and tactile sensing.

37 Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search.

36 Dielectric Elastomer Based “Grippers” for Soft Robotics.

35 An artificial skin based on flexible printed organic circuits and pressure sensors mimics the ability to sense physical force.

34 Specialized leg design and motions allow both insects and robots to jump on water.

33 A 3D-printed, functionally graded soft robot powered by combustion.

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