61 A biologically inspired, flapping-wing, hybrid aerial-aquatic microrobot.

60 A cargo-sorting DNA robot.

59 Self-healing soft pneumatic robots.

58 Robot-driven downward pelvic pull to improve crouch gait in children with cerebral palsy.

57 A soft robot that navigates its environment through growth.

56 Addressable wireless actuation for multijoint folding robots and devices.

55 A multidirectional gravity-assist algorithm that enhances locomotor control in patients with stroke or spinal cord injury.

54 Inexpensive, small AUVs for studying ice-covered polar environments.

53 A robotic device using gecko-inspired adhesives can grasp and manipulate large objects in microgravity.

52 Toward site-specific and self-sufficient robotic fabrication on architectural scales.

51 Fast-moving soft electronic fish.

50 Blooming Knit Flowers: Loop-Linked Soft Morphing Structures for Soft Robotics.

49 Instrument flight to the inner ear.

48 Micrometer-sized molecular robot changes its shape in response to signal molecules.

47 Biomimetic temperature-sensing layer for artificial skins.

46 A biomimetic robotic platform to study flight specializations of bats.

45 Hydraulic hydrogel actuators and robots optically and sonically camouflaged in water.

44 Bioinspired photocontrollable microstructured transport device.

43 Automatic design of fiber-reinforced soft actuators for trajectory matching.

42 Photomotility of polymers.

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