Chemical Engineering

12Wireless gas detection with a smartphone via rf communication.

11Discrete elements for 3D microfluidics.

10Continuous engineering of nano-cocrystals for medical and energetic applications.

9Reducing sewer corrosion through integrated urban water management.

8Rapid and reagentless detection of microbial contamination within meat utilizing a smartphone-based biosensor.

7Efficient removal of dyes using activated carbon fibers coupled with 8-hydroxyquinoline ferric as a reusable Fenton-like catalyst.

6Short oligo ethylene glycolic tailor-made ionic liquids as highly efficient and reusable catalyst for one-pot synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepine derivatives under solvent free condition.

5LNT/CDPF catalysts for simultaneous removal of NOx and PM from diesel vehicle exhaust.

4Carbon-based materials prepared from pine gasification residues for acetaminophen adsorption.

3Removal of trace antibiotics from wastewater: A systematic study of nanofiltration combined with ozone-based advanced oxidation processes.

2Design of a radio frequency heated isothermal micro-trickle bed reactor.

1Gas production in the Barnett Shale obeys a simple scaling theory.


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