Material Science

770 Self-assembled monolayers that form on titanium dioxide surfaces in air are attributed to atmospheric organic acids.

769 3D printed polyamide membranes for desalination.

768 Bioinspired polymeric woods.

767 Boron arsenide has an ultrahigh thermal conductivity, making it competitive with diamond for thermal management applications.

766 Experimental observation of high thermal conductivity in boron arsenide.

765 Diode fibres for fabric-based optical communications.

764 Transparent and conductive nanomembranes with orthogonal silver nanowire arrays for skin-attachable loudspeakers and microphones.

763 Solution Mask Liquid Lithography (SMaLL) for One‐Step, Multimaterial 3D Printing.

762 Bright quantum dots emitting at ∼1,600 nm in the NIR-IIb window for deep tissue fluorescence imaging.

761 Topological Adhesion of Wet Materials.

760 Printing ferromagnetic domains for untethered fast-transforming soft materials.

759 Polyserotonin Nanoparticles as Multifunctional Materials for Biomedical Applications.

758 Transparent, Flexible Silicon Nanostructured Wire Networks with Seamless Junctions for High-Performance Photodetector Applications.

757 Implanting Germanium into Graphene.

756 Restoration of paper artworks with microemulsions confined in hydrogels for safe and efficient removal of adhesive tapes.

755 Extremely stable graphene electrodes doped with macromolecular acid.

754 Hyperexpandable, self-healing macromolecular crystals with integrated polymer networks.

753 Enhanced thermal stability of nanograined metals below a critical grain size.

752 Polyamide membranes with nanoscale Turing structures for water purification.

751 High-performance and scalable metal-chalcogenide semiconductors and devices via chalco-gel routes.

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