Material Science

819 Ultralow-density ceramic aerogels have excellent mechanical stability that makes them attractive superinsulating materials.

818 A textile composed of carbon nanotube–coated bimorph fibers adapts to the environment and promotes passive cooling.

817 The thermal vibrations of a carbon nanotube are directly measured in real time with high displacement sensitivity and fine time resolution, revealing dynamics undetected by previous time-averaged measurements.

816 The use of block copolymers as precursors revolutionizes the synthesis of porous carbon fibers with highly uniform pores.

815 Fully rubbery integrated electronics from high effective mobility intrinsically stretchable semiconductors.

814 Three classes of renewable lubricant base oils with tunable properties were synthesized from biomass or natural oils.

813 Programmable transparent organic luminescent tags.

812 Mechanoresponsive self-growing hydrogels inspired by muscle training.

811 Volumetric additive manufacturing via tomographic reconstruction.

810 A codoping strategy is advanced to improve luminescence efficiency, emission color tuning, and thermal stability of LED phosphors.

809 A thermoresponsive nanoporous coordination polymer enables highly selective gas separation and long-lasting gas storage.

808 Inspired by the enhanced mechanical strength of microstructured metals, damage-tolerant architected materials are developed in which the internal structure is granular, with different regions having different lattice orientations.

807 Field responsive mechanical metamaterials.

806 A simple substrate decoupling method with optimized growth conditions enables a high-quality synthetic monolayer semiconductor.

805 Digital Wood: 3D Internal Color Texture Mapping.

804 Self-organized shape dynamics of active surfaces.

803 An ultrafast symmetry switch in a Weyl semimetal.

802 Freezing copper as a noble metal–like catalyst for preliminary hydrogenation.

801 Stretchable organic optoelectronic sensorimotor synapse.

800 3D nanofabrication by volumetric deposition and controlled shrinkage of patterned scaffolds.

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