Nutrition & Metabolism


413  Hunger enhances food-odour attraction through a neuropeptide Y spotlight.

412  Processed foods drive intestinal barrier permeability and microvascular diseases.

411  Mature adipocytes that accumulate during obesity inhibit host defense against infection by feedback suppression of dermal adipocyte progenitors.

410  Mechanisms by which adiponectin reverses high fat diet-induced insulin resistance in mice.

409  Glycine-based treatment ameliorates NAFLD by modulating fatty acid oxidation, glutathione synthesis, and the gut microbiome.

408  A MicroRNA Linking Human Positive Selection and Metabolic Disorders.

407  Aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand production by the gut microbiota is decreased in celiac disease leading to intestinal inflammation.

406  Nuclear receptor REVERBĪ± is a state-dependent regulator of liver energy metabolism.

405  Diet posttranslationally modifies the mouse gut microbial proteome to modulate renal function.

404  CRISPR-engineered human brown-like adipocytes prevent diet-induced obesity and ameliorate metabolic syndrome in mice.

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