965  Resistance of HIV-infected macrophages to CD8+ T lymphocyte–mediated killing drives activation of the immune system.

964  Distinct myeloid cell subsets promote meningeal remodeling and vascular repair after mild traumatic brain injury.

963  PGD2/DP2 receptor activation promotes severe viral bronchiolitis by suppressing IFN-λ production.

962  Nuclear PTEN enhances the maturation of a microRNA regulon to limit MyD88-dependent susceptibility to sepsis.

961  SIV-infected rhesus macaques on antiretroviral therapy experienced a reduction in the SIV reservoir after treatment with TLR7 agonists.

960  IgA influences bacterial fitness in the intestinal lumen and is only partially compensated for by IgM in selective IgA-deficient patients.

959  C1q restrains autoimmunity and viral infection by regulating CD8+ T cell metabolism.

958  Dimethyl fumarate targets GAPDH and aerobic glycolysis to modulate immunity.

957  Intact interleukin-10 receptor signaling protects from hippocampal damage elicited by experimental neurotropic virus infection of SJL mice.

956  T cells promote immunosuppression in melanoma through CSF1 induction and macrophage recruitment.

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