887  Interferon-γ is a master checkpoint regulator of cytokine-induced differentiation.

886  Non-neutralizing Antibodies Alter the Course of HIV-1 Infection In Vivo.

885  Rapid elicitation of broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV by immunization in cows.

884  A phenotypically and functionally distinct human TH2 cell subpopulation is associated with allergic disorders.

883  Recovery from the Middle East respiratory syndrome is associated with antibody and T-cell responses.

882  PUMA gene delivery to synoviocytes reduces inflammation and degeneration of arthritic joints.

881  Vaccine Mediated Protection Against Zika Virus-Induced Congenital Disease.

880  An Ocular Commensal Protects against Corneal Infection by Driving an Interleukin-17 Response from Mucosal γδ T Cells.

879  Constitutive resistance to viral infection in human CD141+ dendritic cells.

878  High frequency of intestinal TH17 cells correlates with microbiota alterations and disease activity in multiple sclerosis.

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