875  Mapping the human DC lineage through the integration of high-dimensional techniques.

874  Identification of a Human Clonogenic Progenitor with Strict Monocyte Differentiation Potential: A Counterpart of Mouse cMoPs.

873  Mast Cells Are Crucial for Induction of Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells and Clearance of Helminth Infections.

872  Immunization-Elicited Broadly Protective Antibody Reveals Ebolavirus Fusion Loop as a Site of Vulnerability.

871  Anti–integrin α4β7 therapy might directly interfere with the ability of HIV to home to intestinal reserviors.

870  Notch-mediated conversion of activated T cells into stem cell memory-like T cells for adoptive immunotherapy.

869  Dominant protection from HLA-linked autoimmunity by antigen-specific regulatory T cells.

868  The comparative immunology of wild and laboratory mice, Mus musculus domesticus.

867  High-avidity IgA protects the intestine by enchaining growing bacteria.

866  Single-cell RNA-seq reveals new types of human blood dendritic cells, monocytes, and progenitors.

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