Social Science

141 Consensus and experience trump leadership, suppressing individual personality during social foraging.

140 The phylogenetic roots of human lethal violence.

139 Absence of visual experience modifies the neural basis of numerical thinking.

138 When fairness matters less than we expect.

137 Hedonism and the choice of everyday activities.

136 Temporary financial assistance can be used successfully to prevent homelessness, is affordable, and helps individuals and families.

135 Uncalculating cooperation is used to signal trustworthiness.

134 Growth mindset tempers the effects of poverty on academic achievement.

133 Extraordinary intelligence and the care of infants.

132 Online activity of ad hoc extremist groups can be modeled, providing predictive power and potential countermeasures.

131 Association of Religious Service Attendance With Mortality Among Women.

130 Preschool is a sensitive period for the influence of maternal support on the trajectory of hippocampal development.

129 Reconciling after civil conflict increases social capital but decreases individual well-being.

128 Moral consequences of becoming unemployed.

127 Small-scale societies exhibit fundamental variation in the role of intentions in moral judgment.

126 Intrinsic honesty and the prevalence of rule violations across societies.

125 Humans choose representatives who enforce cooperation in social dilemmas through extortion.

124 Winning a competition predicts dishonest behavior.

123 Exploring why Costa Rica outperforms the United States in life expectancy: A tale of two inequality gradients.

122 Intuition, deliberation, and the evolution of cooperation.


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