31 Alopecia areata is driven by cytotoxic T lymphocytes and is reversed by JAK inhibition.

30 Tedizolid for 6 days versus linezolid for 10 days for acute bacterial skin and skin-structure infections (ESTABLISH-2): a randomised, double-blind, phase 3, non-inferiority trial.

29 Dupilumab Treatment in Adults with Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis.

28 A molecular basis for classic blond hair color in Europeans.

27 Single-Dose Oritavancin in the Treatment of Acute Bacterial Skin Infections.

26 Once-Weekly Dalbavancin versus Daily Conventional Therapy for Skin Infection.

25 An engineered muscle flap for reconstruction of large soft tissue defects.

24 Flexible skin-integrated electronic sensors enable continuous, wireless health monitoring.

23 Intravenous injection of an adeno-associated viral vector expressing the myotubularin (MTM1) gene improves survival and rescues skeletal muscle function in mice and dogs affected by myotubular myopathy.

22 Two new susceptibility loci 1q24.2 and 11p11.2 confer risk to severe acne.

21 Distinct fibroblast lineages determine dermal architecture in skin development and repair.

20 Deep Dermatophytosis and Inherited CARD9 Deficiency.

19 Risk of moderate to advanced kidney disease in patients with psoriasis.

18 A band-like balding disorder - cutaneous lupus erythematosus profundus.

17 The Epithelial Cell-Derived Atopic Dermatitis Cytokine TSLP Activates Neurons to Induce Itch.

16 Association of spirochetal infection with Morgellons disease.

15 Fragmentation of Poly(lactic acid) Nanosheets and Patchwork Treatment for Burn Wounds.

14 Vitamin D and parathyroid hormone work together to maximize innate immune resistance to skin infections.

13 1,2-Octanediol, a Novel Surfactant, for Treating Head Louse Infestation: Identification of Activity, Formulation, and Randomised, Controlled Trials.

12 Prostaglandin D2 Inhibits Hair Growth and Is Elevated in Bald Scalp of Men with Androgenetic Alopecia.

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