Molecular Biology


522  mTOR inhibitors lower an intrinsic barrier to virus infection mediated by IFITM3.

521  An RNA-adapting CRISPR–Cas system is coupled with amplification and sequencing steps to record, retrieve and analyse changes in the transcriptome of a bacterial cell over time.

520  Discovery of widespread type I and type V CRISPR-Cas inhibitors.

519  CRISPR-Cas12a inhibitors that block gene editing in human cells are identified.

518  CRISPR-Mediated Programmable 3D Genome Positioning and Nuclear Organization.

517  Ribonucleotide incorporation enables repair of chromosome breaks by nonhomologous end joining.

516  Double-stranded RNA binding protein, Staufen, is required for the initiation of RNAi in coleopteran insects.

515  MicroRNA-30c-5p modulates neuropathic pain in rodents.

514  Apoptosis propagates through the cytoplasm as trigger waves.

513  A system that targets DNA polymerase activity with CRISPR-guided nickases to provide genetic diversification at user-defined loci enables forward genetic approaches.

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