Molecular Biology


491  The cytoplasmic DNA sensor cGAS detects DNA in ruptured micronuclei and activates an innate immune response.

490  A cyclic oligonucleotide signaling pathway in type III CRISPR-Cas systems.

489  Disabling Cas9 by an anti-CRISPR DNA mimic.

488  RNase III from all three domains of life elicits RNA-targeting antiviral activity that is independent of, and possibly predates, other known eukaryotic antiviral systems.

487  Restoring auditory cortex plasticity in adult mice by restricting thalamic adenosine signaling.

486  Structural Basis of Egg Coat-Sperm Recognition at Fertilization.

485  Structural basis of CRISPR–SpyCas9 inhibition by an anti-CRISPR protein.

484  An Atomic Structure of the Human Spliceosome.

483  The RNA polymerase clamp closes to initiate promoter melting, opens to load melted DNA, and closes again for a tight grip on DNA.

482  Visualizing multistep elevator-like transitions of a nucleoside transporter.

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