Cancer Biology

912 LSD1 Ablation Stimulates Anti-tumor Immunity and Enables Checkpoint Blockade.

911 Genomic Hallmarks and Structural Variation in Metastatic Prostate Cancer.

910 Leukaemia hijacks a neural mechanism to invade the central nervous system.

909 Histidine metabolism influences the sensitivity of cancer cells to methotrexate, with mice bearing leukaemia xenografts showing increased response to the drug upon histidine supplementation.

908 Glucose-regulated phosphorylation of TET2 by AMPK reveals a pathway linking diabetes to cancer.

907 A ubiquitin ligase–regulated transcription factor activated in kidney cancer is identified.

906 Prediction of acute myeloid leukaemia risk in healthy individuals.

905 CRISPR-enhanced engineering of therapy-sensitive cancer cells for self-targeting of primary and metastatic tumors.

904 A designer self-assembled supramolecule amplifies macrophage immune responses against aggressive cancer.

903 Patterns of genomic evolution in advanced melanoma.

902 Nanomaterial‐Based Organelles Protect Normal Cells against Chemotherapy‐Induced Cytotoxicity.

901 Cancer prevalence among flight attendants compared to the general population.

900 A Dual Immunotherapy Nanoparticle Improves T‐Cell Activation and Cancer Immunotherapy.

899 Treating the Intestine with Oral ApoA-I Mimetic Tg6F Reduces Tumor Burden in Mouse Models of Metastatic Lung Cancer.

898 Statins cooperate with proapoptotic drugs to enhance tumor killing in blood cancers.

897 Disruption of TET2 promotes the therapeutic efficacy of CD19-targeted T cells.

896 Ferritin Nanocarrier Traverses the Blood Brain Barrier and Kills Glioma.

895 All-in-One Theranostic Nanoagent with Enhanced Reactive Oxygen Species Generation and Modulating Tumor Microenvironment Ability for Effective Tumor Eradication.

894 Snail knockdown reverses stemness and inhibits tumour growth in ovarian cancer.

893 PRDM1 silences stem cell-related genes and inhibits proliferation of human colon tumor organoids.

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