210 Marine plastic debris emits a keystone infochemical for olfactory foraging seabirds.

209 Wild monkeys flake stone tools.

208 How seabirds plunge-dive without injuries.

207 Ceropegia sandersonii Mimics Attacked Honeybees to Attract Kleptoparasitic Flies for Pollination.

206 Orthographic processing in pigeons (Columba livia).

205 Great apes anticipate that other individuals will act according to false beliefs.

204 Associative Mechanisms Allow for Social Learning and Cultural Transmission of String Pulling in an Insect.

203 Tropical bat as mammalian model for skin carotenoid metabolism.

202 Bats perceptually weight prey cues across sensory systems when hunting in noise.

201 Metagenomic sequencing of dung beetle intestinal contents directly detects and identifies mammalian fauna.

200 Discovery of species-wide tool use in the Hawaiian crow.

199 Captivity humanizes the primate microbiome.

198 Experience drives innovation of new migration patterns of whooping cranes in response to global change.

197 Supersuppression: Reservoir Competency and Timing of Mosquito Host Shifts Combine to Reduce Spillover of West Nile Virus.

196 Multi-locus Analyses Reveal Four Giraffe Species Instead of One.

195 Prenatal acoustic communication programs offspring for high posthatching temperatures in a songbird.

194 Circadian regulation of sunflower heliotropism, floral orientation, and pollinator visits.

193 Basidiomycete yeasts in the cortex of ascomycete macrolichens.

192 Honeyguide birds recognize human honey-hunters calls and help them find wild bees’ nests.

191 Population decline is linked to migration route in the Common Cuckoo.

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