192  Massively parallel de novo protein design for targeted therapeutics.

191  Total synthesis of avenaol.

190  Mammals divert endogenous genotoxic formaldehyde into one-carbon metabolism.

189  A polyaromatic nanocapsule as a sucrose receptor in water.

188  Deletion of Type 2 Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Decreases Sensitivity to Cocaine Reward in Rats.

187  Disabling Cas9 by an anti-CRISPR DNA mimic.

186  A tail of two voltages: Proteomic comparison of the three electric organs of the electric eel.

185  Efficient, ultra-high-affinity chromatography in a one-step purification of complex proteins.

184  Structural studies of viperin, an antiviral radical SAM enzyme.

183  High-density lipoprotein receptor SCARB1 is required for carotenoid coloration in birds.

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