37  A statistical analysis method can identify short, functionally important linear motifs in disordered regions of proteins.;5/215/rs1

36  graphite - a Bioconductor package to convert pathway topology to gene network.

35  PhiSiGns: an online tool to identify signature genes in phages and design PCR primers for examining phage diversity.

34  BLANNOTATOR: enhanced homology-based function prediction of bacterial proteins.

33  Protein docking prediction using predicted protein-protein interface.

32  miRTrail - a comprehensive webserver for analyzing gene and miRNA patterns to enhance the understanding of regulatory mechanisms in diseases.

31  Robust Detection of Hierarchical Communities from Escherichia coli Gene Expression Data.

30  Novel Approach to Meta-Analysis of Microarray Datasets Reveals Muscle Remodeling-related Drug Targets and Biomarkers in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

29  A unique algorithm implemented in the program MOSAICS (Methodologies for Optimization and Sampling in Computational Studies) that is capable of nanoscale modeling without compromising the resolution of interest.

28  Predicting Metal-Binding Sites from Protein Sequence.

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