41  De novo design of synthetic prion domains.

40  TumorHoPe: A Database of Tumor Homing Peptides.

39  Identifying Bacterial Virulent Proteins by Fusing a Set of Classifiers Based on Variants of Chou's Pseudo Amino Acid Composition and on Evolutionary Information.

38  Two new databases—one of drug effects and a second of drug-drug interaction side effects—permit identification of drug targets, prediction of drug indications, and discovery of drug class interactions.

37  A statistical analysis method can identify short, functionally important linear motifs in disordered regions of proteins.;5/215/rs1

36  graphite - a Bioconductor package to convert pathway topology to gene network.

35  PhiSiGns: an online tool to identify signature genes in phages and design PCR primers for examining phage diversity.

34  BLANNOTATOR: enhanced homology-based function prediction of bacterial proteins.

33  Protein docking prediction using predicted protein-protein interface.

32  miRTrail - a comprehensive webserver for analyzing gene and miRNA patterns to enhance the understanding of regulatory mechanisms in diseases.

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